Wednesday 15 February 2017

Cushy Job

I am a firm believer that you can never have too many cushions. Just as well, as we have quite a big collection in our house!

A chair, a sofa or a bed just isn't complete without a cushion and I love how you can get them in all shapes and sizes. Big, soft ones to snuggle up against, firmer scatter cushions to tie together a look or accent cushions that make a statement or are simply there to look good.

I'll never forget how a BBC comedy series, Coupling, perfectly encapsulated how men and women often see cushions differently, with the main male character, Steve, going into a monologue about 'what is the point of cushions?', when you more often than not move them out of the way before you sit down. It was a really funny thing and it does seem that cushions are something that us ladies seem to really get carried away with.

Before Christmas, we ordered a new sofa. I never liked our previous one - something we ordered just as we needed it before Ethan was born, and it arrived on the morning I was in labour - and having redecorated our lounge with a grey and yellow palette last May, it was about time we had a smart sofa to match.

I absolutely love it, it fits in well and has room for all three of us - but it didn't come with any cushions.

Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to get some more, when the nice people at Sofa Sofa asked if I'd like to pick a pair of scatter cushions, I quickly snapped up the offer and had fun browsing the different options available.

For me, all sofas need some solid, staple scatter cushions that match the style / fabric / colour and are going to be hardwearing - as long as the life of the sofa itself.

I chose the Agatha scatter cushions, in Flanders Charcoal as possibly to closest colour match to our brushed grey sofa. I wanted something that would blend in well and when they arrived, I was really pleased with the match.

In the flesh, these cushions are very good quality and the fabric is thick and seems robust. They feel soft but firm and have just the right amount of stuffing - and the covers can be removed, should they need to be cleaned, which is an essential feature if you have a busy household and a toddler with sticky fingers.

With said toddler climbing, rolling and jumping around the lounge, two cats choosing different places to sleep every other day and a dog that seems to be a professional sofa sleeper, any soft furnishings in our lounge need to be versatile and resilient.

Our Sofa Sofa cushions have had the seal of approval from all in the house, two or four legged, and they keep their shape well, even when there's a dog shaped dent to plump out.

There's a broad selection of scatter cushions to choose from and hundreds of colours and fabrics too, with prices ranging up to £35 each and mine currently on sale for £25 each.

* I was sent two cushions for the purposes of review but all opinions are my own.


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