Tuesday 28 March 2017

My fourth Mother's Day

When Ethan was known as 'Bean', I received a bunch of flowers and a teddy bear from my yet-to-be-born baby on Mother's Day to say how much they looked forward to meeting me - and this weekend, I celebrated my fourth proper Mother's Day with my little boy in my arms.

It was a glorious weekend for a celebration, wasn't it? The sun seemed to have his hat on all over the country and we had a lovely couple of days as a family. 

On Friday, preschool invited mums in to enjoy an hour with their children, playing and making fairy cakes, and Ethan was very excited to have me there and to show me around the new building they've moved into. We read books in the cosy cupboard and Ethan managed to scoff two cakes - while I had none!

On the Saturday, we'd been invited to a fourth birthday party at Arley Arboretum - a gorgeous nature spot with plenty to explore, including a play area, a maze and views of the Severn Valley Railway. Ethan climbed ladders, cooked sausages on an open fire and had a picnic with his friends.  

Then on Mother's Day itself, my little monkey woke me up with a homemade card (thank you Daddy!) and a beautiful rose gold slider bracelet from Hurley Burley (via Not On The High Street), engraved with an 'E' on one side and baby footprints on the other.

Taken before I pencilled in my brows!!

We had cuddles in bed, bacon sarnies and tea, called our own mums and then we headed off to the cinema to see The Lego Batman Movie with plenty of chocolate treats. Ethan must have enjoyed his weekend as he fell asleep in the car on the way home and stayed snoozing on the sofa for almost a couple of hours when we got back.

It was lovely to get out and about and see my boy playing with his friends, running around and laughing with everyone, and to spend the time together is all that really mattered.

Then last night, we took Ste's mum out for a meal at one of my favourite restaurants, Miller and Carter, for another Mother's Day treat - who said it only has to last one day?!

My little boy is not so little any more but he still loves his cuddles and I feel like a very lucky Mama indeed. A special day to spend with the special people in my life - it doesn't really get any better.

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