Friday 31 March 2017

Conservatory Considerations: Are You Ready For One?

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These days, lots of families are trying to think of ingenious ways of increasing the space in their home. One way in which homeowners are trying to add on more floor space to their property is by taking it out into the garden and extending with a conservatory.


Conservatories are a great option for families, as they will create a sun trap, where you can all relax and soak up the sun, even on days when the temperatures aren’t that warm. You will be able to also have all the benefits of a second living room, and your children will have some extra space to spread out in and play with their toys.

However, as with most things property related, you shouldn’t just think of all the positives that a new conservatory will bring. There are also some negatives that need to be weighed up to help you decide whether adding a conservatory is the right thing for you to do right now. To help you come to a smart decision, here are some conservatory considerations that you should think about.

Your Budget

The first thing that will worry most families is the cost of the conservatory. Not only will you have to buy it, but you will also have to pay for builders and labourers to erect it for you. Thankfully, all of these initial costs that come with this extension are now relatively low compared to what they once were in the 1990s. Don’t forget that you should also set some money to one side for future maintenance and extra additions. Some families find that they need to replace their current conservatory roof with a Guardian roof after serious storm damage. The money that you save for extra additions can also be used for decorating and installing a heating system.

Planning Permission

As you will be adding on an extra room to your property, you might be required to get planning permission from your local council. Whether you need this permission or not will depend on the size of the extension and the style. If you aren’t too sure, you should contact your local planning office and ask them. If you do need to get planning permission, this can take a few months to come through, so it’s a good idea to start your application sooner rather than later. This way, it shouldn’t hold up the building work.

Blinds Or No Blinds?

Some people decide to get blinds for all the windows in their conservatory. But are you sure you really need to spend all that money on so many blinds? The main reason why people add them is that they think they will need them for privacy. But, as your conservatory is in your garden, it will already be very private, and not many people will be able to look in. It’s not as if people will walk straight past when they are walking down your street! So rather than spend a load of cash on blinds, save your money for some nicer decorative features.


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