Monday 17 April 2017

An itchy problem - dealing with a dry scalp

* Collaborative post 

If you've followed my blog for any amount of time, you may have heard me talk about my psoriasis. It first reared its ugly head six years ago and started as a small patch on my scalp, near my left ear. For the first year or two, it remained as a scalp-only condition, before I started developing patches elsewhere on my body.

Looking back, I wish I could return to a time where my dry, flaky, itchy scalp was the only skin problem I had to worry about. But I then remind myself just how bad my scalp did get, and how it affected me.

You'd think that having a condition such as that, where no-one else could see it, wouldn't be so bad but in some ways, the fact that people couldn't see it, yet it was so uncomfortable and stressful for me, made it feel even worse. No-one knew what was happening, but all the while, it was driving me to distraction.

It became a cycle of stress; I would be stressed about my dry, tight scalp and the big crusty patches that were forming and I couldn't help myself from scratching, and picking, particularly because I would get patches of skin caught in my hair that I didn't want other people to see, but also as it became a stress reaction. And from doing this, I would then become even more stressed about the condition - a real catch 22!

I've tried a full range of psoriasis ointments and dry scalp treatments over the years and I much prefer the pharmacy and over-the-counter options, as the prescription treatments are often smelly, greasy and can really affect the condition of my hair.

Alphosyl and T-Gel Therapeutic Gel have been the best itchy and dry scalp shampoos I have tried, particularly when I've had a really bad flair up.

Touch wood, crossed fingers and rubbing a rabbit foot here for luck... my scalp psoriasis does seem to be a world away from what it used to be and aside from a dusting of dandruff flakes throughout the day, I no longer have big patches or worry about the impact it's having on my hair.

We all have to find a way to get along with the conditions we have, particularly if there isn't a cure, so finding a treatment that works for you can make all the difference to the way you look but, importantly, the way you feel.



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