Monday 24 April 2017

Chic, Cheap, Child Friendly: Decorating A Family Home

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One of the most exciting things about growing up, moving out and getting a place of your own is that you are, at last, able to have things exactly as you’d like. Before, it was your parents who decided what went where and which colour paint would be best. You may have felt that you had a choice in how your room was decorated, but as you become an adult, and especially when you have children of your own, you realise that what children think is choice is actually just the illusion of choice (it works because people are happier when they believe they are in control, and children are no different). For instance, you may have been asked whether you wanted your room to be pink or purple. That is a choice, but it is not one made freely when you realise you only had two options and the fact was that your room was always going to be painted, whatever colour you said. If when you first left home, you rented a place, you did not have that much freedom there either. You could not do any work without your landlord’s permission, and besides, the risk of breaking something and losing your security deposit is enough to deter most people. But when you have a house of your own, you can make any decision you’d like.

This is both exciting and a little daunting because there is so much to think about. It needs to reflect your personality but your home also needs to be a place where you can invite guests for a dinner party for example. Having a child introduces another variable into the equation and makes it more difficult again. You now have to find things for your house that are durable, stylish and safe for children to be around. If you are wondering about what sort of furniture would be best for you, here are a few ideas:


Now that you have a family, your living room will finally live up to its name. It is a space where you and your children can spend time together and live together. While many people still use the term ‘living room’, in practice what they have is a ‘TV room’. What you need to make it a place where you can play and bond with your child is a sofa (check out David Gundry furniture) and some room on the floor. To make it home, remember to put up lots of family photos and artwork that you enjoy.


With summer fast approaching, the perpetual dilemma reasserts itself: how to keep your child occupied while not spending too much money. Finding fun and free things to do around town takes a little work but it is worth it. Otherwise, make your home somewhere that your child wants to play. This could mean investing in a swing set for the garden or buying them a bike so that they can play and make friends with neighbourhood kids.

Lastly, to make your home child-friendly, you should think about safety devices such as socket covers and tech for your bathroom to prevent scalding.

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