Tuesday 25 April 2017

I see the light!

* Collaborative post 

It is a common issue in many homes now, we aren’t simply getting enough light in through the curtains. Whether we live in dark, depressing homes, or our house isn’t catching the sun at all, it can have a massive effect on our everyday lives. We need a certain amount of sunlight, of course, but living in a dark and grey home affects your mood, which can impact your whole family. So, here are a few little tricks to get some more light into your home...

The first thing to do is to look around your family home and see if there are any things obstructing the windows. There could be bushes and hedges that could do with a trim. If the coast is clear, then look at your windows, are they clean? Dirty windows can easily block natural light, so make sure you clean them on a regular basis, and if your curtains are heavy or a dark colour they will easily absorb all the light, so swap them for lighter materials and brighter colours. There are plenty of ready-made curtains online for a decent price on sites like https://www.montgomery.co.uk/shop/ready-made-curtains or at your local shops. The colours your home has could be a big indicator of why you don’t get much light. Darker colours like red and burgundy will tend to take a lot more light in comparison to blues and whites.
Even if you don’t have much sunshine in your part of the world, there are still ways to make your interiors look brighter. Adding shiny surfaces to reflect the light is a natural way to increase light because the reflective surfaces will bring much more light back into the room. Materials like brass work wonders, and you can use silver photo frames and mirrors to help with this. A nice trick to use with mirrors, by placing two mirrors so that they face each other, it is a great way to create the illusion of depth. Or if you place a mirror at the end of a hallway it makes the hallway appear longer. If you are trying to get more light in, the bigger the mirrors, the better.
If you have a darkened bathroom, install some solar tubes. The twisty and reflective pipes can bring the sunshine into the bathroom and can stretch up to 30 feet! And if you have one area of the house that doesn’t get any light, it might be because you don’t have any windows. So if you have a kitchen that doesn’t see the light, try and add some patio doors or large windows. But if you have any concerns about privacy, make sure that you invest in some frosted or tinted glass panes.
Hopefully, a few of these little tips will work wonders for bringing the sunshine indoors. And even if you get enough light in your home, you still need to venture outside once in a while. Especially where I live, the sunshine is a luxury, so I make sure to get out when I can!  


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