Wednesday 3 May 2017

3 years ago: Ethan's cake smash

I love receiving reminders on my phone about photos and status updates from years gone by and I've been reminded that three years ago, we did a cake smash with Ethan, just before he turned one. The photos are some of my favourites still and it was great fun to do - easy, too. So, as I am feeling pretty sentimental this week as my baby boy is about to turn four, I thought I would share the post again...

The idea is a bit messy but oodles of fun. You take one baby, one cake and see what happens. Oh yes!

We did a cake smash with Ethan at the weekend, just before his birthday, and the photos we captured are just wonderful. We followed Charlotte's tips and found it was so easy to do and thanks to the disposable tablecloth, cleaning up after was a doddle. In fact, the trickiest part we found was prising the cake out of Ethan's hands - even in the bath!

Here's what happens when you let a nearly one year old loose on a big birthday cake...



  1. Anonymous3.5.17

    Beautiful boy & beautiful pictures. Lovely memories, I wish we had done this with our boy x

    1. Thank you Keri, it was a lot of fun and I'd recommend it, plus it cost just the cake and the disposable tablecloth!


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