Tuesday 2 May 2017

Make your home sparkle without time or money

* Collaborative post


If you’ve never walked into a friend's home and instantly felt your body fill with envy then we’re going to say you are a fibber. We’ve all been there. You go to a friend's for a lunch party and you can’t help but stare in total awe at their vision, their attention to detail and their stylistic prowess. You leave after lunch determined to overhaul your own home, but you don’t for two reasons: time and money.

But what if I told you that you can overhaul your home without it costing a ton of time and money?

You see, it is the teeny tiny home improvements that tend to make the biggest differences to how a space looks, and indeed feels. Promise! So if you are looking at your tired home and hating how worn and flat and dull it looks then you are in luck because I have some ideas and simple ways to overhaul your place and make it sparkle to share with you.


Embrace The Art Of Minimalism

Don’t worry, we’re not going to encourage you to sell everything you own and move to some shed in the middle of some forest in the middle of nowhere. That’s not what minimalism is. What we are going to encourage you to do, however, is declutter your home. Clutter creeps into a home over time, but that stops now, and all you need is mindfulness. So when you are going through your bits and bobs think about every item, when you last used it, whether you still like it and whether you buy it again. Anything that fails this line of questioning, well, why not have a yard sale and make a few extra cents? Less stuff makes places look more refreshed and more luxurious, so keep that in mind.

Life Is All About Perspective

You may be able to completely upgrade your home without doing much more than moving your current furniture and belongs around a bit. Remember when you were a student and, in an attempt to maximize the space in your tiny room, you shuffled your bed around until you found the perfect spot. The same rules apply. You may already have everything you need in the way of belongings and decorations, you may just need to look at something like this home decorations style guide by www.thelongeststay.com. Something as simple as rearranging your cushions or your shelving or your anything could make the most incredible difference.


Time To Become All Arty-Farty

Collecting artwork can be an immensely expensive game to get into, but enjoying artwork doesn’t have to be. These days, thanks to the rise of the internet, you can get your hands on incredible art and gorgeous photographs for barely anything, which means for barely anything you can make your walls explode with color. Art has the ability to change a room entirely. So why not get lost in the abyss of Etsy or even Art.co.uk, and find yourself some stunning artwork that will barely even dent your wallet. Check out my clipboard display idea too. Life is all about value, and that is what art embodies, great value.


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