Wednesday 24 May 2017

A taste of summer with Jack Daniels sauces

I love food and I don't mind the occasional drink either (slushy mummy!) and when summer comes around, what could be better than a bit of both in the sunshine? With the sun treating us to its presence more and more at the moment, I'm really getting into the new season when it comes cooking and hope that the first BBQ isn't too far around the corner.

Jack Daniels is hubs' favourite tipple and one that I like now and again too - plus when we eat out at restaurants such as TGI Friday's, I'm quite partial to the JD glaze you can get.

The team at Jack Daniels BBQ Sauces recently got in touch to tell me about their extended sauces range and we were more than happy to try these out.

There's six sauces to choose from, including a glaze (yum!) and a steak sauce, and we've been enjoying Full Flavour Smokey and Sweet Smokey Glaze, with my favourite being the glaze. It's got a nice tang to it and both sauces were polished off in next to no time.

It's great on chicken - we've had it on chicken thighs, roasted in the oven, served with mash and veg, but it would be great on chicken wings done on the BBQ to - and you can add the sauces to burgers or hot dogs to mix things up, or even add a dash to your jacket potato.

There's plenty of recipe inspiration here too.

I do love sauces and accompaniments with meals and it's been fun to experiment with these. Come BBQ season (perhaps this Bank Holiday weekend we might get chance...?), we'll be bringing these out for sure.

* Jack Daniels BBQ Sauces retail for around £1.49 each. I received samples in return for review but all opinions remain my own.


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