Monday 22 May 2017

#WearABigIssue vlog - limited edition slogan t-shirts by street artists so you can #DoGoodLookingGood

One trend that's very big right now, and anyone can wear, is the slogan t-shirt - and there is no bigger way to get involved AND do something for a great cause too than the #wearabigissue limited edition fashion brand launch.

The Big Issue has recruited a host of street and graffiti artists to create cutting-edge protest T-shirts for The Big Issue Shop’s #WEARABIGISSUE campaign, and there are some really stand-out designs to choose from.

The artists have made designs speaking about issues that matter most to them and to socially conscious shopper s, so by purchasing online from the collection in The Big Issue Shop, you are both wearing and supporting a big world issue. 

What better way to get in on the slogan tee trend? #DoGoodLookingGood

Here's some more information about the project:

London design studio +rehabstudio enlisted designers Paul InsectThe Artful DodgerHayden KaysJoe WebbCeal WarnantsJessica WilsonShuby and Mau Mau to come up with the concepts for these cool, thought-provoking garments. They designed prints on themes including ocean pollution, gentrification, sex workers and climate change, with T-shirts titled Candy BomberPlastic In Our Oceans, Decrim WomenTits For TatsThe Gift That Keeps Taking and Paradise CityTop fashion photographer Marc Hayden – who has previously worked with brands such as Reebok, Diesel and Men’s Health, and recently joined Wonderland and Vogue Italia – has also joined the #WEARABIGISSUE team, shooting the promo images for the campaign.

From Starbucks red cups to fracking, from FGM to gentrification, from climate change to the Middle East, the public’s big issues are the focus of The Big Issue. If it matters to you, it matters to The Big Issue. The concept of #WEARABIGISSUE is so that people have a voice and can wear their feelings loud and proud. #WEARABIGISSUE is a fashion brand that allows you to wear your Big Issue.

I really like the concept behind the campaign and the different t-shirt designs and it was hard to pick just one to feature. In the end, I chose the Paradise City design by artist Jessica Wilson. Take a look at my video below (my first vlog in a VERY long time!) for more on the project and this particular design:

Jessica, on the message behind 'Paradise City': "I've certainly noticed the hike in rent prices and I have been in London for only 10 years. People who have been here longer must have seen a much bigger change. Small flats in my old area are now being sold for 10 times the price they were. Whether it’s a good or bad thing it's happening and people should be aware.

"I like The Big Issue and it’s a project and cause I wanted to be part of. I love drawing signs and sheds and putting weird objects together in my imagery. The shed is actually from Dungeness, which is a beach wasteland in Kent."

The t-shirts are available in men’s and women’s T-shirt style, with either roll or plain sleeves. They feature limited edition artwork printed on an EarthPositive® T-shirt manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power. They're priced at £30 each, with £3.50 post and packaging each on standard delivery. Buy #wearabigissue exclusively through The Big Issue Shop.

* I received the t-shirt featured for the purposes of this post, all opinions are my own. 


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