Tuesday 9 May 2017

How To Transform Your Hallway in 60 Minutes

Hallways can be a tricky area to keep organised, clean and looking attractive. As it’s the entrance to our homes it’s crucial that it’s a welcoming space, but with all the family constantly in and out all day, every day, that’s easier said than done. Following on from our own hallway makeover, today I have some really quick and easy tips to get your hall organised and looking chic in record time, and on a tight budget too.

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Shoes & Coats

These are the most troublesome items for hallways. Otherwise known as the dumping ground for outdoor clothing items which means our hallways can very often look cluttered and chaotic. So if you don’t already have the following items, now is definitely the time to invest. Coat hangers and shoe racks and storage are essential items for any hallway and even if you are tight on space there are options available to you. For seriously tight spaces you can buy coat hangers for the back of your door and long tall shoe racks that take up minimal floor space.

For hallways with a little more space, you can buy stacked shoes racks. If you have a large family or if you are just simply obsessed with shoes, there are some stacked shoe racks that can hold ample amounts of shoes nice and neatly. If you have a bit more space then a lovely freestanding coat stand might be possible. Freestanding coat stands look fabulous (if not overloaded) and can add a touch of chic sophistication to any decent sized hallway.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large hallway then you could easily get away with buying an all singing all dancing coat and shoe wardrobe unit. There are some truly beautiful models out there that display your coats and shoes in the most gorgeous way and keep all your nic nacs like umbrellas and dirty football boots, neatly hidden away. There are even some models that double up as bench, a place where you can sit to take your shoes on and off, with an inbuilt shoe box within the bench. Genius! So shop around and see what types of shoe and coat storage will work best in your hallway.

Welcome Mat & Other Textiles

A welcome mat is essential to keep our hallways, and essentially the rest of our homes, clean and looking spic and span. So depending on whether you live in a flat and want your welcome mat outside your front door, or whether you live in a house and prefer it inside, or in the inside porch, you are then going to need to fill your hall with other textiles so that when shoes are off, your feet feel comfortable and cosy on warm, soft floors.

So again, looking at the space you have available in your hallway think of the type of rug that would work best in the space. Delicate and fluffy rugs like sheepskin are too delicate for this hard trodden area and would just get too dirty too easily so you need a more hard-wearing style rug that can take on dirty shoes and a tougher environment than the rest of the house.

Your hallway rugs must clean easily as it’s a high traffic area so tough materials are essential for this space. You want to try and fill as much of the hallway as possible, however you need to make sure that you can open and close the front door and any other adjoining doors, without them catching the rug or clashing with and touching any other rugs in the area. You’ll also need to make sure that the colours compliment any other colour scheme that is going on in the front area of your home. Round rugs are really playful, or if your hall is really narrow and long you’re best opting for a long, narrow rug that accentuates the slim space.

Roll Those Sleeves Up

Have a look around your hall and see what needs to be done, to bring the space back to its former glory. As this is the space where your interior home meets that outdoor world, it’s natural that it can look pretty scrappy, pretty easily. So look at little bits of DIY that need doing and get to work. Any loose skirting boards or lose panels of wood on your shoe rack, get yourself a glue gun from Glue Guns Direct and get any loose wood stuck down and looking neat again in minutes.

Replace any tired looking artwork with interesting mirrors that will open up the space rather than make it feel closed in and claustrophobic. Correct any awkward looking bookshelves so that they are looking secure and sturdy and get to work cleaning any grouting that is looking a little dingy and dirty. Just look around anything that needs a little TLC and a little elbow grease and you’ll have your hallways looking fabulous, organised and tidy in no time at all.

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