Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Don't Move: Improve! Home Improvements to Add Value

With growing families, many of us are tempted to pack up and look for a new property to live in. But when you own a home, it is never quite as straightforward as that, unfortunately. The same goes for thinking about moving when you’ve got children; it is never that straightforward. You have to think about bedrooms, outside space, as well as the all-important decision about schools and catchment areas. So unless you really have to move because of a job relocation, for example, it could just be worth looking to improve the home that you already have.

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When you stay put, you don’t have the added cost of moving home. Stamp duty can be a killer, all just for the privilege of moving home, as well as moving vans or removal companies. Yes, you might need to look at loans for home improvement, but you could also look to remortgage if you don’t have the cash right away. So there are many options, which more than likely, will end up costing less than moving. But where to start when it comes to home improvements? Here are a few ideas that can add value, as well as give you that all important coveted extra space for a growing family.


Extending the Kitchen

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. So fi there is a way to improve that, then it can make a difference to everyone. You all use the kitchen a couple of times a day, don’t you? It could be a straightforward remodel of the kitchen, bringing it up to date a little bit. But it could also be plans to extend the kitchen. If you can make it a kitchen diner, or have enough space to add in an island or breakfast bar, then it makes the space more versatile. Versatility helps to add value, so that is always going to be a good choice. A word of warning, though. There isn’t always going to be need for a deluxe, all-singing-all-dancing kitchen. There will be a limit to the value a kitchen can add. So just something to think about before you invest in marble flooring or worktops!


Get New Windows

Getting some new double, or even triple glazed windows is a great way to improve the look of the home, as well as increase how energy efficient the home is. So they can be a real good investment. If you have a patio or a conservatory, then it could be worth looking at getting bi-fold doors, for instance. They are a real talking piece and can bring your home right into the 21st century.

Loft Conversions

Even if you think you’ve got a pretty tight loft space, there will be something that you can do with it. It could just be made into a playroom or a cinema rooM. As long as there is flooring down, insulation, plastering, and stairs leading up to it, it can be classed as another bedroom. Extra bedrooms add value and open you up to more potential buyers. So if you move eventually, it can help a lot.



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  3. This was a really great read, and you are right that renovating can be so much cheaper than moving! I look forward to reading on!

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