Friday 12 May 2017

Wonder Wo-Mum: Creating A Safe Home For Your Family

You have to do everything as a mother. On the one hand, you love being the head of the family and responsible for caring for your little ones, but, on the other hand, you absolutely hate it; the exhaustion and stress such responsibility brings can be crippling. On top of everything else, you’re constantly battling to keep your household safe both for your children and from your children (our kids aren’t always as respectful of our homes as we are). Your partner might be no better either. If you’re ready to save the day as wonder wo-mum, yet again, and create a safe home for your family then here are some pieces of advice.

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Child-proof the house
This all depends on the age of your children, but you should certainly ensure that you keep dangerous things such as scissors and other sharp objects well out of reach of little children. This is quite common advice, but there are other things you could do to make your home safer. Hinge protectors on doors could also avoid little fingers getting trapped, and rubber protectors on table edges could protect heads from nasty falls.

Fix broken things
Whether it’s the effect of time or members of your family being a little too rough with things around the house, pieces of furniture and appliances are bound to break eventually. It’s easy to feel so exhausted by the task of dealing with everything else that a mum has to deal with on a daily basis that you sigh and ignore the warning signs around your house that another kitchen cupboard has broken or another sink has started leaking from the faucet. Of course, if you want to build a safe home for your kids and the family as a whole then you’re going to have to bite the bullet and fix those broken things eventually.
It might be fun to get stuck in with a little DIY… Perhaps it doesn’t seem that way if you’ve got a million other things to do, but approaching the task of fixing things with a positive mind might make it a little easier. If you’ve got no experience when it comes to fixing technical things then you could cave in and enlist the help of professional plumbers to fix that broken faucet or professional IT support staff to fix the broken computer, but watching some YouTube videos could sometimes be enough to help you solve the smaller problems around your household.

Protect the house when you’re away
Whilst keeping your home safe when you’re in the house is hard enough, ensuring that you leave your home in a safe state once everybody is out of the house is even harder. When it comes to going on a holiday, whether it’s for two days or two weeks, you likely have a lot of worries running through your mind in terms of ensuring that your family’s possessions are kept safe and secure whilst you’re gone.
Still, you needn’t get yourself worked up about it. There are many things you can do to ensure your home is left in a safe state whilst you’re gone. For starters, you could let a neighbour you trust know that you’ll be away and kindlyt ask whether they’d be happy to keep an eye on your home. You could also ask them to park their car on your drive to give the illusion that somebody is still at home in order to deter potential criminals. You could also leave a key with friends or family. The list is endless, and it certainly shouldn’t be a worry for you whilst you’re away.

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