Friday 3 November 2017

Treating my psoriasis - a two week home trial of the Philips Blue Control device #ad #TakeTheChallenge

I'm really excited to share with you an important project I have been working on for the past couple of months. As you may know, I have had psoriasis for six years and have struggled to deal with it and treat it at times. I recently discovered an innovative, use at home device called Blue Control, from Philips, which is unlike anything else on the market and has been proven to help some people with this irritating skin condition. 

It's incredibly innovative and, from my experience, easy to use - with some positive signs seen in a relatively short period of time.

The video below follows my journey as I start to use the device, and focuses on how I got on during an initial two week trial, including and the key information to know:

I will be updating you on my journey with Philips Blue Control, how I get on and how my psoriasis condition effects me, so wish me luck and stay tuned for further updates.

This is a really important issue to me and I am proud to be a part of this campaign.


Visit the Philips psoriasis support hub for more information.

* I am collaborating with Philips as an ambassador, but all opinions and experiences shared are my own.



  1. I've watched the video and I know exactly what you mean about it appearing elsewhere, every time my husband tries a new treatment, it's almost as if it is fighting back! I shall have to look into this and see if it is suitable for gutate psoriasis, as a sufferer for 38 years, and a near death situation at 21, I would love to be able to find something to help, especially now the weather is getting colder which means it will get worse!

    1. Thank you for watching and commenting - and it would definitely be worth looking into. I’m sure that he’s tried so many things over the years and I know I was always open to something new just in case. It is for plaque psoriasis but worth contacting Philips to find out more. There’s also a money back guarantee on Blue Control so there’s nothing to lose.

      I’m currently filming the next video and have seen more significant improvements since this one was done so watch this space!


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