Tuesday 6 March 2018

Why did I wait so long to try these?!

You know sometimes, you hear about something or somebody recommends something to you, but you just never seem to get around to trying it for yourself?

Recently, I have discovered three beauty tools which were just that; things I had seen somewhere or had been recommended but for some reason, I never actually thought about giving them a go.

Until now.

Using some Christmas money, I decided to pick up three new things to try out and I am really glad I did.

1. Foundation buffing brush

I flit between using a brush, a sponge or my fingertips to blend my foundation. I heard that using your fingers isn't a good idea as the oils in your skin can affect the foundation formula, and sponges soak up a lot of product. Brushes I find can make it hard to get a flawless finish but since buying this flat top Kabuki Brush, I haven't had that problem.

The bristles are really dense and soft and it works wonders blending my foundation of choice at the moment.

I've also got some make up brush cleanser from Boots which works really well once a month to give all my brushes a good clean.

2. Gel nails at home kit

Until very recently, I have never had my nails done by someone else. I know, right?! I like painting my nails but I'm not that good and I hate it when they chip so soon. I'm pretty bad at looking after them when they do chip and I end up leaving them looking messy for far too long.

So why haven't I tried an at home gel kit before? I don't know to be honest, but I picked up a Sensationail kit from Amazon, on offer, a couple of months ago and have been adding colours to my collection ever since. It takes a bit of time and patience to do them but is relatively easy and the end result lasts one to two weeks. Theres a huge range of colours available online, and Sensationail regularly run offers, so I'd recommend giving it a go to keep your nails looking colourful for longer.

3. Heated eyelash curler

The impliment of torture manual eyelash curler we are all familiar with have never done a thing for me and my eyelashes are fairly short and very fair, so you'd think I would have looked into a heated eyelash curler sooner. Wrong!

Again, I picked one up via Amazon that's battery powered and is a simple wand with a curled end that gently teases your eyelashes upwards. It makes quite the difference in a short space of time, once warm, and it then helps mascara to be more effective too.

Why did I wait so long to try these?!

What beauty bits do you swear by and would recommend? Do you use any of the things I've mentioned and is there anything else I should really give a go to?


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