Tuesday 6 March 2018

5 ways to treat yourself – and not a wine glass in sight!

We all know that life can sometimes be a little difficult, and as parents and carers it can be easy to neglect yourself in the busy world we find ourselves in. You need to take care of yourself. But finding the time – or even knowing where to begin, can be difficult.

Well, while we’re on the subject sit back, relax, get yourself a cup of tea (or something cold and fruity) and check out these ways to treat yourself, right now!

* Collaborative post

Update your home
Don’t worry, I’m not talking a full renovation with hard hats and workmen with low hanging jeans! If being surrounded by beautiful things and a home that really reflects your personality (amongst the toys of course) is your thing, then this could be right up your street. Why not brighten up your living room with a gorgeous new rug? Or add a splash of colour to your sofa and chairs with some new cushions or throws. Make a new lamp or shabby chic mirror the centerpiece of your room. If you do fancy a new floor, make sure you invest in some durable underlay!

Breakfast in bed anyone?
Who says you have to wait until Mother’s Day or even your birthday to feel like royalty? Get yourself a nice sturdy tray and reinvent that amazing breakfast you saw your favourite TV chef create the other day. Think avocado on toast, or even pancakes, bacon and maple syrup! Or just a good old bacon butty, add a champagne flute filled with something bubbly and you’ll feel a million dollars before you’ve even taken your dressing gown off!

Treat your skin
Get yourself into the bathroom, put on some music and light some candles. It’s time to treat your skin! Start with an exfoliation from head to toe – try a sumptuous sugar scrub or go all out and make your very own. Follow this with a thick, indulgent moisturiser and don’t forget to be generous. You’ll feel smooth, luscious and smell absolutely fantastic. Just don’t forget to lock the door to keep the kids (and your partner) out!

Create your own little piece of Heaven
Got an hour or two to yourself? Now is the time to turn up the relaxation! Freshen up your bed with new linen, clear your bedside table of all the clutter and junk, light your favourite Yankee candle and slip into the sheets. Why not pick up that book you’ve been dying to finish? Or switch on Netflix and switch off!

Book a day OFF!
Whether it’s from work, or even from the kids. If you can find someone to have the children for a few hours, then by all means go for it. You deserve it, and every mum/parent deserves a little time off now and then. Watch your favourite film on repeat, have a nice, uninterrupted hot bath or get lost in a good book or even on YouTube! Why not? You deserve it.  


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