Wednesday 7 March 2018

Mother’s Day reminds us that we are the perfect mum, in our own special way

Mother’s Day May be another occasion where card companies and retailers all see pound signs and try to convince us that the more we buy, the more we show we care, but it shouldn’t mean it’s another day to shrug off.

Ever since Ethan was a bump, Mother’s Day has been an exciting date for me. It may be just another Sunday, and another day being me and being Ethan’s mum, but it is a special day to enjoy together. It’s a chance to step back and appreciate what you have in each other. How far you have come. The love that you have. The effort you put in. 

It’s a time to really think about the most important relationship you have, and how with each year, it changes.
I love looking back and seeing what’s changed and who Ethan is growing into and this year is no different. On Sunday I will marvel at how my baby boy can walk and talk and tell me how we are best friends forever. He calls me Mummy Bear Gorgeous when he’s feeling particularly lovey and his sweet nature is something I want to bottle up and keep forever. I’m sure he will always be a caring soul but I also know that children grow up and the handmade cards become fewer, and maybe the cuddles too.

Mother’s Day right now is a special time to remember this time, how we are today. It’s also worth thinking about how your own mum or mother figure felt the same way about you, when you were small and probably to this very day. It’s funny that we forget this as we get older and I think when you have a child of your own, you realise how your own mum feels all the more because now you can relate.

Of course there’s every day of the year to show how much you appreciate your mum, it doesn’t just have to be reserved for one day, but Mother’s Day is still a great time to mark your relationship and to give yourself a big pat on the back too. Becoming a mum is a journey, it doesn’t happen over night, so it’s a pretty good opportunity to take stock of what you’ve been through and how a) everyone is still alive and in one piece and b) how your way is probably the right way after all.

Every mum finds their own way through motherhood and Mother’s Day reminds us that being the perfect mum isn’t any one thing or a destination to reach - it’s a journey we go on where instincts are our guide, the bumps in the road keep us on our toes and the view is something we really need to take in along the way.

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