Thursday 15 March 2018

5 ways to speed-clean your kitchen

The family is round for dinner and everyone has just about finished tucking into their Sunday roast. All eyes are now on you to take on the challenge of washing up. No one likes cleaning at the best of times - even less so after a big dinner - so, finding ways to clean up as quickly as possible will make the task much more bearable.

Here are just five ways you can speed-clean your kitchen, to get back to the fun:

Get in the cleaning mood

Firstly, before tackling any messy room, you’ll need to get yourself in the cleaning mood - if you’re reluctant, it’ll take you longer to get it done. Tell yourself that you’re going to clean as much as possible in a short amount of time and try and stick to your time goal. Speed things up by playing your favourite music loud. You’ll be too busy singing along to notice the work you’re about to accomplish.

Dirty dishes

Sometimes cleaning dishes after cooking a big Sunday roast for the family can seem like a never ending chore. But, to clean away any dishes, pots and pans as efficiently as possible, you’ll need to create your own mini production line. Firstly, you’ll want a waste bin, or bin bag close by to scrape all the unwanted food in quickly. Next, rinse off each plate and either wash up or - to really speed things up - stack them into a dishwasher. The type of dishwasher you have can slow down your efforts. For maximum space, a Fisher & Paykel cabinetry drawer dishwasher will help with the loading and cleaning speed. 


One of the fastest ways you can clean down your worktops is to multitask. Firstly, spray a multipurpose cleaner over the areas you wish to clean. Next, pre-soak a sponge in warm water and begin. You’ll need to work in a circle motion to clean the sides, manoeuvring the
sponge with one hand and picking up appliances with the other. This motion will allow you to clean under surfaces in one fail swoop. 

The floors

When you’re in a rush you won’t have time to mop the whole floor. A way to combat this is to save time and spot-sweep. If you see any mess on the floor, sweep this into a pile to collect at the end of your sweeping task. If you’ve got a good broom with an extended dustpan with a long handle, this will make this task even easier, as you won’t even have to bend down to gather unwanted rubbish.


Your oven has probably seen som
Me spillage while dishing up dinner, so take a moment to gather up any larger bits of food that may now be on the hob then spritz with a multi-purpose spray and wipe down with a damp cloth. You can tackle any stuck on stains and clean the hob attachments later.

Ready to tackle the clean up after that family dinner party you have planned this weekend? Don’t forget to rope the kids into helping too, to speed things up even more! 


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