Friday 16 March 2018

8 Frugal Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

We want to give our kids the best. We want their birthday parties to be elaborate get-togethers that they will remember for years to come. This means only the best decorations, food, and entertainment.

Well, that’s the dream anyways. However, our wallets don’t always agree with the grandiose of our dreams. That doesn’t mean that we need to give up our dreams of the perfect party, though. 

* Collaborative post

It's not long until Ethan's birthday, and the party we are planning, and in this post, I'm going to share some ideas as to how you can throw your kid a great party without breaking the bank.

1. Rainbow Themed Party

When we think of kids’ parties, we often time think in characters. Mickey Mouse, Elmo, Frozen, and even Minions just to name a few. However, these characters usually tend to come with a hefty price tag. Young children, though, aren’t going to notice the difference between a party featuring their favorite characters and a party with a more generic theme. You can use these more generic themed parties to save a dollar or two here and there.

One idea for a fun but generic themed birthday party is a rainbow party. The decorations are easy to come by but they are also bright enough to draw a child’s eye and keep their attention. For food, you can use fruits and food coloring and it’s easy to find decorations in a variety of colors. For only a few dollars, you can even get a variety of colored streamers to decorate the house.

2. Host Your Party Outside

If there is one thing that kids love to do, its run around. However, running around indoors usually leads to injury or disaster. In addition, if you are renting an indoor venue for a kid’s birthday party, you are running up a bill far higher than is needed. On the other hand, outdoor venues usually cost you little to nothing to rent out for a day.

By hosting your kid’s birthday party outside, you can save money and allow your kids to run wild for a few hours. You can also save time on cleaning as you won’t have a house or venue to pick up after a gaggle of children playing and eating.

3. Make Your Own Cake

A cake is a quintessential piece to any birthday party. However, going and buying a cake at the store can add quite the expense to your party. Instead, try buying the ingredients for your cake or a box mix and make a cake of your own. Luckily, in the age of the internet, it is easy to find a simple recipe that even the most novice of chefs can find a recipe that is easy to follow and ends beautifully.

4. Leave Party Stores Behind

While party stores offer you plenty of interesting and fun decorations, they also offer an increased price on the supplies and decorations that you by. Try alternatives such as making your own decorations or checking out your local dollar stores.

One cheap option you could look to for is personalized stickers. These usually don’t cost much and your kid will find it fun to see miniature stickers of their own face.

5. Use Online Music

For a kid’s party, live music is expensive and it might be a little much. Another (cheaper) option is to just use an app like Spotify to play music through. Instead of high fees, you only need to deal with the occasional ad.

6. Serve Snacks

You could serve a full meal to your kid and their friends for the party. However, it is much more frugal - and easier - to serve a variety of snacks to your kids and their friends. This is also easier for kids to grab and go as they play.

7. Have a Smaller Party

One obvious way to save money is to simply have a smaller party. Instead of inviting the whole 2nd grade class, try inviting only your child’s closest friends. This means less people to feed, less to spend on invitations, and less of a crowd to manage.

8. Come Up with Games

This goes with the same idea of not hiring entertainment for your party. Instead, come up with fun games that the kids can play together in the yard or throughout the house. This saves you money and helps to fuel the children’s imagination.


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