Tuesday 20 March 2018

A little bit of Lush - a haul from my first proper visit

Up until a few weeks ago, I had never been to a Lush store before. I'll let that sink in for a minute. I seem to be the only person I know or follow that hadn't experienced this brand firsthand before and perhaps even more shockingly, I had never EVER enjoyed a Lush bath bomb.

What the?!

All that has changed now and I have enjoyed several Lush baths, trying out different bombs and melts, and picked up a good haul of things to try out...

I picked up Angels on Bare Skin (£7.50 for 100g) as a soft cleanser, as I have some psoriasis on my face now and need something that will be gentle. I thought that trying some Lush products would be a good idea for my sensitive skin, as they may be less harsh and aggravating. I really like Angels on Bare Skin - you mix a small amount in the palm of your hand with some water and it becomes like a paste that you rub onto our face, leaving it feel really clean.

Next, the Eau Roma Water (£9.50 for 250ml). I LOVE this. It's a facial spritz that acts as a toner and contains soothing rose water. This is a really nice treat and addition to my morning and evening routine and when my skin is feeling dry, it gives it a good boost. Well worth checking out.

Celestial (£15.95 for 45ml) is then a great partner to my new skincare routine. It contains almond which is rich in vitamin E and it leaves a light layer, as a barrier, on your skin which makes it feel nourished and creates a good base for make up too.

I also get dry lips, particularly as I love matte liquid lipsticks, especially Stila Stay All Day which I've reviewed before. and wear them most days. I wanted a good lip scrub so picked up the Honey one from Lush and this does the trick. It's tasty too!

Of course, I needed to try the bath bombs and can recommend the melts you can get too, as these really mix well with the water and leave your skin feeling pampered. The bombs I have found to be a tad hit or miss in terms with the effect or scent that they give, so I guess it's what you're looking for. They are priced from £3.50 to around £6.50 so it is quite a lot to (literally) splash on a bath treat, but they are different and create a nice experience.

Definitely consider a bath melt though, as my skin feels really soft and the oils and butters they contain leave a protective layer on your skin, which is really nice for my psoriasis patches.

I've been back again and I am trying a bubble bar next, as you can get several baths out of them. What Lush products do you recommend?


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