Thursday 26 April 2018

Add Personality To Your Home This Summer

Every home requires a personality of its own, otherwise there will be no theme or reasoning behind anything you have. Of course, you require the essentials to live, but when you look past that, what else do you have other than four walls? If you aren't able to answer the question, then it's proof that you lack flair and purpose.
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When you walk into a home, you want to feel as though you are overcome by a sense - the sense is entirely up to you. It could be passion, romance, simplicity, abstract - it's whatever you make it. But if you aren't sure then you need to start thinking now.

A great tip is to reflect on yourself. What do you like? What traits do you have? And how would you best describe yourself in one word? Thinking about these things may open your eyes as to how you want your home to be so that it connects to that.

The summer is right around the corner, and if there was any time to redecorate - it would be now before the sun welcomes you and you no longer desire to do anything other than chill out.

So here's what you can do.

Add your art

By no means do you need to have a real talent in art - artist or not, you can get a true sense of someone by how they use their creativity, and you may just surprise yourself as to what you are able to create. You can focus all of your energy on a feature wall, or you can disperse various bursts throughout your home whether that be small paintings, sculptures, or even just getting creative with your sowing techniques on pretty looking material. There are no rules to this - no right or wrong, so you can essentially do whatever you feel like doing, and no one can judge you for it because it's your home.

Welcome the sunshine

What better way to welcome in the sunshine that by lifting up some stunningly crafted wooden blinds from They come in all different colours, materials, and designs, giving you the freedom to take things in any direction you wish. Light is such an important feature that gets overlooked, but the natural source does wonders for a home. It not only allows you to see things clearly, but it has a great positive impact on your mind as things appear bright and open, as a pose to dull and dreary.

Be bold and bright

Don't be afraid of showing off your unique side - that means all of your secret eccentric vibes that you may not feel comfortable with allowing people to see on the outside, be it in your work life or social life. The difference at home is that you do what you want. If you have a sudden desire to turn the ceiling and doors lime green - do it without any apologies like encourages you to.

If you feel the outside of your home is looking rather mundane and boring like all of the rest on your street - paint it orange. - Go wild, you're allowed to!

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