Wednesday 25 April 2018

Essential Rattan Garden Furniture You Need This Summer

With winter a distant memory, you want to enjoy as much of the summer as you can. And that means lazing in the summer sun, dining and entertaining in your garden. To get the most of your garden, you need superior garden furniture. Take a look at the options for 2018...

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How do you make the most of a garden? As well as a fantastic garden design that makes it accessible, a combination of garden furniture options gives you more choice as to what you do in your garden.

Cube sets

Ideal for the smaller garden, a cube set gives a streamlined finish because everything can be tucked away neatly. There are a number of examples of rattan cube garden furniture, all of which have many benefits;

  •      Space-saving – because they neatly come together after use, they are perfect for the smaller garden, patio or decking area.
  •      Spacious – despite being space saving, they make clever design use of a square table by maximising seating and tabletop space.
  •      Hard-wearing – rattan is an incredibly hard-wearing natural material and thus, with a protective cover for when it rains and over winter, the cube set is a hardy piece of kit.
  •      Colours – as well as classic black, rattan cube sets are available in dark and light brown tones, as well as an appealing grey. Cushion colours complement the overall colour of the table.
  •      Added accessories – there are simple cub sets (four chairs and a glass topped table) and there are those with added accessories such as footstools or a lower half of the chair that folds out, perfect for when you want to sit back and laze in the sun.

Why choose rattan? As a material, rattan is a fast-growing, sustainable material from tropical climes. Cut and dried in the sun, the long thin strands are woven together to create all kinds of furniture suitable not just for the garden, but for the conservatory too.

Sofas and tables

How do you use your garden? As well as dining al fresco, if you enjoy sitting and watching the kids play or entertain friends on a regular basis, a dining set may not be the only piece of garden furniture you need to invest in this summer.

The rattan sofa and table sets are simply fantastic;

  •     Corner L-shaped sofas – these sofas fit in any garden, whether you have a terrace patio or a vast expanse of lawn. Because rattan is such a tough and hardy material, it can withstand wind and rain. Buy a protective cover specifically made to fit your rattan sofa snuggly, and it will last many a winter.
  •      Relaxed and informal seating – not everyone dines in the garden, preferring it as a relaxing space and so enjoying the summer sunshine on an outdoor sofa makes perfect sense.
  •      Soft furnishings – sofas tend to come supplied with cushions, but you can add extra softness and colour by adding your own scatter cushions and throws.
  •      Coffee table – some sets come complete with a coffee table that, similar to the rattan cube sets, neatly sit together when not in use. Some are glass topped, an ideal material for the garden.

Is it worth investing in ‘outside’ soft furnishings? Cushions and rugs can now be bought that are perfect for the outdoors. Treated with a water repellent coating, they can withstand light showers and not shrink or be soaked through. Rugs are made from recycled plastic in many cases too and are ideal for adding colour to a seating area.

Seating pods

Garden furniture and seating has come a long way since a formal, upright bench. So much so that the must-have seating solutions for the summer garden are now much quirkier than they ever were.

As well as lounging on rattan sofas or enjoying the sun on a lounger, the range of swinging garden seats and seating pods is bigger than ever. Complete with waterproof, soft cushions, many of these seats are made for two, perfect for spending an hour or two with your beloved!

Banana seats are popular this year. A large bucket seat, usually a rattan or wicker frame, complete with sumptuous cushions hangs from a supporting, but freestanding frame. Perfect for a gentle swing as you read the latest best-seller.

And of course, if you have two strong trees within proximity, there is nothing better than a snooze in a hammock on a summer’s afternoon…

Rattan Direct stock a huge range of quality rattan pieces, from cube sets to sofas and dining sets, suitable for gardens of all shapes and sizes.


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