Tuesday 29 May 2018

Starting a business as a parent

If you have a real entrepreneurial sense about you then starting a new business is something that you have done from the comfort of your bedroom. After all, depending on the nature of your business, you can grow somewhat substantially without having to leave the house. It is the dream of many.

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However, with young children in the home, which is effectively an office, productivity can soon be lowered to the point that it becomes non-existent. Do you just no longer have the time to focus on your business? Or is it time that you took the plunge and ventured outside of the safety net of your home?

Finding Commercial Property

Quite simply, if you feel as though you are unable to dedicate yourself fully at home for any reason, regardless of whether it is because of your duties as a parent or you are unable to drag yourself away from the television; your own office space could be the answer. Somewhere that you can go to focus on work and not worry about any distractions that may present themselves at home could be exactly what you need.

Life is busy and, of course, as a parent you have a duty to always make yourself available for your children. However, without being able to focus on starting a new business, or growing the one you already have, this will affect your livelihood and, ultimately, them as well.

The luxury as your own boss is that you can decide to locate your business anywhere. That means that if you don’t want to base yourself too far away from home, the same as a lot of parents, then this is completely within your power. Depending on where you live, the price of office space can vary, especially in large cities such as Cambridge as it is a hotbed for new businesses. You can visit this website for more information: http://www.bsm.uk.com/cambridge/

Separating Work and Home Life

As a self-employed worker, the number one problem that you will have to deal with is to keep your work and home life separate. It can be all too easy to allow your work to engulf your life, leaving little room for the ones that truly matter – this can result in children feeling as though their parents are absent without actually being so.

This is where your own office space will help to maintain the line between work and home. Working from home often blurs the line between the two as the home comes to represent both business and personal life. It also safeguards against having children getting into anything they shouldn’t.


Many entrepreneurs believe that they can start a business in order to be able to look after their children during the day. While this may work on paper, as soon as you start your own business this becomes more than a full-time job, if you are dedicated anyway.

Although you may like the idea of looking after the children whilst working on your business, it just isn’t feasible. Do not be afraid to ask friends and family to look after the children if this is an option and, if it isn’t, then look for nurseries and/or childminders in the area.

Starting your own business is no mean feat and, especially in the early stages, requires a lot of love an attention…the same as a baby. You cannot focus on both at the same time, and neither should you, as entrepreneurship and parenting can’t be mastered with 50% effort.


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