Wednesday 30 May 2018

My first pregnancy update - at 12 weeks, baby number two

So... the cat, or baby in this case, is well and truly out of the bag! I'm on my journey to become mum again and I hope you'll join me for the ride, whether you were here with me last time or if you are new to my blog. If you didn't see my pregnancy announcement, do take a look as it shows how we revealed the news to the big-brother-to-be.

To Become Mum actually began five and a half years ago, the last time that I started my journey to motherhood. Everything was completely new and I wanted to find a way to document things and to share updates with friends and family... and things just went from there!

Take a look at my photo diary of my Ethan bump, to see how pregnancy looked on me last time.

This time around, things still feel pretty new. I know I have been there, got the t-shirt, when it comes to pregnancy but it has been over five years since Ethan was born. I am older now. Memories fade. Things change. There's new stuff out there. And new advice too. I feel like I am going through everything again for the first time. Every pregnancy is different, that's what they say isn't it? Now that this space has grown to what it is today, I can share more with you - to help me document my days until baby number two arrives and to give updates on things I learn and love along the way.

So, how am I doing?

Here is my first pregnancy update - let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to add to these regular updates:

Bump photo

How many weeks?

As of Saturday just gone, I am 12 weeks pregnant. I thought that it was on Thursdays that my weekly milestone was reached, but the scans we have had seem to suggest that it might be on Saturdays. 

The date of my last period beginning was 1st March and as hubs and I had been trying, and I had been keeping records for months via my Cycles app, we knew within two weeks that we were expecting. I took an early pregnancy test before my period was due as I just couldn't wait (and have done so most months since last autumn) and it was positive, but I still didn't get too excited as I knew there was a long way to go. When my period didn't arrive, I took another test, then another a few days later just to be sure. THEN, we started to feel excited and hopeful for the next stage.

Appointments so far?

Due to the miscarriage we had last year, when baby seemed to have stopped developing at around five weeks but we only discovered this at the NHS 12 week dating scan (all signs were showing me to be pregnant), we knew we couldn't wait that long again to know that things were ok and progressing as they should.

At six weeks, we booked an early pregnancy scan at Peek-a-Baby Birmingham for the eight week stage (priced at £45, payable on the day, and complete with photos to take away). From around six weeks, it is possible to see the baby's heartbeat on a scan but it can be difficult, so we decided to wait a further two weeks just to be sure of an accurate scan.  

I only received my booking-in appointment with the midwife, where they ask 101 questions about your medical history, at the 11 week stage and knowing that scan appointments can take a while to process, we booked another private scan for ourselves, at Peek-a-Baby again, for this stage. It had been three weeks since the first appointment, and again it felt like forever to wait to make sure that baby was doing ok. 

At my booking-in appointment, I got very emotional when talking about my pregnancy and labour with Ethan. I didn't really expect it (those hormones!) and I just couldn't hold back some tears. It's clear that I have some anxiety over the whole labour thing, and last year's events are always in the back of my mind too, so I will be seeing a head midwife in a few weeks' time to discuss support and so on.

We had our NHS 12 week dating scan on Friday 25th May and saw baby for the third time. They did the anomaly scans and I gave four doses of blood for them to send off and do their thorough tests on (I am still VERY bad at having my blood taken, and had my usual funny turn - not helped by the fact they had to try twice, once in each arm, to get the amount they needed!).

My next midwife appointment is booked in for 16 weeks, and the 20 week scan date has also been booked in.

How's baby?

From what the doctors can tell, baby is doing well. At this stage, they are around the size of a lime and our bubs seems to be around 4.5cm long. 

When we went to the private scans, we were told a bit more about what they could see and how everything looked as it should. Our last private scan at 11 weeks dated baby as having a due date of 8th December - at the NHS scan, they didn't seem to tell us, so this is what we are sticking to for now.

Our private scans showed so much detail, more than I remember seeing with Ethan at this stage, and with some jiggling of my tummy, they made baby jump up a few times like a jumping bean, before it had a good wave and then tried to turn on its side.

How am I feeling?

I can't deny that we have been feeling cautious since we found out. At the first scan, I was a nervous wreck. I got that way with Ethan too, as in the early stages, you are the only person who knows or says you are pregnant, with nothing to really back it up. I sobbed when we saw the little bean on the screen for the first time. It was such a huge relief and everything I had been holding in just came out.

We then allowed ourselves to be a little excited but couldn't help the anxiety creeping back in. There was a voice in my head telling me that anything could happen, and it was hard to get carried away when I knew there was still a way to go. So I just did what I could, rested when needed, and waited for the next scan. 

I was nervous at this too, but rather than cry, I had a huge grin on my face when jumping bean showed on the screen in front of us. Ok, we said to ourselves, NOW this is really happening and we can be excited.

It was at this point it really sunk in that I was pregnant and that there was a baby, inside my tummy, jiggling away. This could actually be real.

Telling family, friends, work and then followers over the past week or so has been lovely, and a bit surreal. I had some nerves about it, but also felt relieved that I could start to enjoy the journey now - and not have to hide my growing bump!

Any symptoms?

Up to this point, I have had some sickness, in the evenings mainly. Nothing too bad, just a feeling of queasiness. With Ethan, I didn't really have much, and I'd say this time I have felt a tad more delicate, but rest helps and I think it is passing now. 

Thoughts, ideas and plans

As I say, the realisation that we are having a baby is still quite fresh. The weekend before last, I went to The Baby Show with a friend who is due at the start of October, and it was nice to look around and see what was new and experience things with my bump buddy, particularly as it is her first.

We won't be finding out the gender before baby is born, and have quite a few things stored from Ethan's baby days so just need to take stock of what we have, what is still usable and what we need or would like this time around. I am definitely looking at a Snuz Pod or something similar. 

I've also been signed up as a blogger ambassador for the Natural Birthing Company, and will be blogging regularly for them, which is really exciting. I am looking forward to discovering new thing I didn't know about first time around, and will share things I find, try and love on here.

I did get carried away with the new Disney X Cath Kidston collection, and snapped up the Alice in Wonderland changing bag. It's just really beautifully made, has some really handy features and is fairly unisex, so I couldn't resist. It was all about finding the perfect changing bag last time, and I bought a few (here's my posts on choosing a changing bag, a handmade one I bought, my Pink Lining bag, and another from Mamas and Papas), but this time I think I have found the right one early on. What can I say, I love my bags!!

I am enjoying the fact that everything is out in the open and the cuddles Ethan is giving me, and bump, are really lovely.


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