Thursday 14 June 2018

Top tips for achieving the bathroom of your dreams

If there's one room in the house that needs some TLC, it 's our bathroom. It's a small space but it could have potential, but for now, it is outdated, worn and not really the welcoming retreat I would love it to be. 

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Bathrooms can be a big project though, and whereas my DIY 'skills' are limited to hanging pictures, I know that to makeover this space would need some serious thought and some expert support too.

There's just so much to consider, and lots of different ways to turn a bathroom into the practical room all the family need to use but also the sanctuary where you can soak away the stresses and strains of the day. 

* Layout - even the smallest of spaces can be turned into something stylish and practical. The layout of your current bathroom may not be the best at maximising the space so by speaking to a professional, you can find out whether a different layout would be possible and actually open up some design possibilities. 

* Space - from planning where the bathroom suite will be fixed to picking floor and wall tiles, every element of a bathroom's design can enhance the space and set the tone you are trying to achieve. Colours and textures can make a big difference as to how the space feels, and elements such as tiles  are essential but also add to making the room feel open and inviting. If you need to work with what you have, you can still think about how you use floor space, where shelves might add extra storage or how all corners of the room can be maximised to best effect. By opting for light or reflective surfaces, from white tiles to chrome taps and mirrors, you can really help to make the room feel brighter and much bigger too.

* Sanitaryware - sinks, toilets and storage are all essentials in any bathroom and when planning a new scheme, they should coordinate perfectly. Wall-hung sanitaryware and storage will help give your bathroom a more modern feel and they also free up floor space which again makes the whole room feel more spacious.

* Mirrors - every bathroom needs at least one mirror. Just think about hotel bathrooms - they ALWAYS have a BIG mirror, so having one in your home bathroom will help you can get ready with ease, either alone or as a whole family, plus it'll help to reflect light and increase the feeling of space. Mount the mirror on the wall to be more functional, then add an adjustable magnifying mirror for more personal use, near the sink.

* Lighting - if you can, try to add more task orientated lighting rather than just one overhead fixed light. There's a whole range of lighting options out there to choose from; if you are using a vanity mirror, you'll need good lighting on your face, and of course you'll need a flattering light source to really ensure you look your best. You could also consider spotlights, dimmer switches and task lighting in the form of mirrors with integrated light features, to give you a range of lighting options to suit all occasions.

If you're planning a bathroom makeover, there's a wide range of bathroom products to be found here with a convenient consultation facility available to. If your dream bathroom is a littler further off, there are some quick and easy updates you can make to get more out of this room...

* Fluffy towels - who doesn't want to be wrapped up in a snug towel after a nice relaxing bath? Towels are really worth spending a bit more on, but still don't have to cost the earth and by changing your towels over for a new colourful palette or pattern, you can instantly update the mood. Also think about having a towel hamper or stand, to keep baths and sinks free from clutter. 

* Sink accessories and treats - adding a toothpaste holder, soap dispenser and so on near the sink can be very practical but is also a way to tie in with your chosen scheme. And those travel size items and gift sets you get too many of at Christmas? Place these by the sink so you can put them to good use, and even guests can have a pamper with a nice hand wash and hand cream when they come to visit. 

Once a year, I tend to have a big bathroom refresh and buy a new shower curtain, fresh towels and some accessories to make the room feel bright and new all over again. And then maybe, one day, we will take it all out and start it all again. Ah, to have the bathroom of my dreams...


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