Monday 16 July 2018

Gift ideas for teachers at end of term

Alas, it's the last week of school; the PE kits finally come home, sports days and parents' evenings are being held up and down the country and we have the possibility (and realisation) of six whole weeks of summer holidays stretched out before us. There's a lot to reflect on, to celebrate, to remember, and to be thankful for.

Of course, as well as being super proud of our children - whether they are working hard at their writing, turning into a mathematician, showing a creative streak or heading for a more sporty path - and rewarding them, it's also really important to thank those people who have helped our little ones learn over the past school year.

On the first day of Reception, Ethan declared his love for his teacher and all year long, he has come home with stories about how nice his teacher and TA are and how much fun he has had at school.

So, I've been thinking about gift ideas to say thank you - beyond giving chocolates or flowers as I am sure they get plenty...

Last year, I gave Ethan's nursery workers a gift bag with an artificial sunflower and sunflower seeds, with the message 'thank you for helping me grow', and a few other thins and this year, I have had some help from Find Me A Gift in coming up with some teacher present inspiration.

We've ordered this personalised mug and this bath bomb set (which currently has 40% at £7.79) in particular, but they have lots of different ideas to suit your preference and budget too.

Here's what Find Me A Gift has to suggest:

We know they have a tough shape shaping and educating our little humans, so why not treat them to something a little different this year?

There’s a group of exceptional people that we leave in care of our children for 5 days of the week, they assist us in educating and shaping them as they grow into adults and they work flipping hard at it. So, why not send them a small gift of appreciation? We have selected something a little bit different, that we know they will love.

Did you know... teachers, on average work 10 hours and 40 minutes a day… that’s 53 hours a week!

During an average school day, teachers are spending: -
  • an average of almost 5 hours on instruction (in class and providing tutoring or extra academic support)
  • approximately 36 minutes on student supervision and discipline
  • 45 minutes planning, preparing, or collaborating with colleagues
  • 36 minutes is spent on grading, documenting, and analyzing student work
  • almost 15 minutes communicating with parents via email, phone, or face-to-face meetings

Check out their top gift ideas for teachers…

10 Things I Love About My Teacher Print                                                 Personalised Wooden Box & Pencil Set
From £12.99                                                                                                £14.99   

Personalised Travel Mug                                                                          Small Cork Globe
£14.99                                                                                                       £26.09 (Sale price - normally £36.99)


3D Jigsaw Puzzles - Red Apple                                                            Biscuit Chocolates

£7.99                                                                                                    £7.29 (Sale price - normally £12.99)


Gourmet Chocolate Cafe Hamper                                                   Bomb Cosmetics Pretty in Pink Bath Set
£19.99                                                                                              £8.96 (Sale Price - normally £12.99)


Personalised Prosecco                                                                  Wooden Nose Eyeglasses Holder
£22.99                                                                                          £8.49 (Sale price - normally £11.99)


I love these ideas and I'm really pleased with the presents I picked as they are a bit different, beautifully presented and came super quick too. There's still time to order something before end of term, if you're quick!

Visit to view the whole range.

* I was gifted two items and have shared this review in return, but all views are my own.


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