Tuesday 17 July 2018

The best UK treats to send a friend living abroad

Long-distance friendship is hard for the both of you. You both need to get used your everyday routines without the other being there. You want your friend to know you’re still there for them, and they might be homesick. A care package could do them the world of good. What should you put in it?

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Would it really be a care package from the UK without a box of teabags?  No matter where in the world your friend is living in, it’s a guarantee the tea won’t taste as good. Pick their favourite brand: Yorkshire Tea, Tetley’s, PG Tips – whatever it is make sure to get a big box of it. You could include a mug with a photo of the two of you on it to make it that little bit more special.

This one may not work if you’re sending it across the world – like Australia or New Zealand – but if you’re sending it within Europe, say somewhere as close as France, a little taste of home could be what your friend needs. After all there’s nothing quite like UK Cadbury Dairy Milk. With the help of Parcel2Go, you can easily send your friend a sweet treat.

Cards from Friends
The care package doesn’t have to be just from you. You can get in touch with your shared friends and get them to write cards to your loved one living abroad. Encouraging words from a friend can mean so much when you’re living far away. The cards are something your friend can keep, and feel more connected to people living back in the UK.

If your friend is trying to settle in a new country, the chances are they haven’t had much time to make the room homely. You can send them something to decorate their space with. Bunting is cute, and ever so British. For extra cosy vibes for your friend’s new space, you could also pack fairy lights or candles. It can make your friend feel more at home, in their new home.

Postcards can act in two different ways: they could be used for you and your friends’ messages or they could be used for decoration.  You can get prints of their favourite places in the UK, and they could be stuck on the wall. Again, you’re bringing a little reminder of home to your friend. It’s simple, but like they say, a picture says a thousand words.


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