Wednesday 29 August 2018

Catching up on our magazine reading with Readly

There’s a week left of summer holidays for us so we are fitting in a few last adventures, and moments of quality time at home, before the routine all kicks in again. And today, I am taking Ethan on the train to London (so excited to reveal what it’s all for... follow me on Instagram for live updates on my Stories!) and I have got everything packed in my bag to keep both of us entertained on the journey. 

Including the Readly app.

I’ve been making an effort to sit down and relax more and to read more too. I love reading but often feel too tired and it’s been an age since I last bought a magazine. I pick up free ones and Ethan gets the odd one too to keep him happy and occupied, but generally they do cost quite a bit, especially if you or the rest of your family have varied tastes, and it can be hard to find the time.

But not any more!

The Readly app is pretty fantastic, I have to say. It has absolutely tonnes of titles across all genres and to keep everyone in your house happy. Honestly, you’re a bit spoilt for choice. There’s not every magazine on there, as I guess some publishers sign up and others don’t, but I have only found one title I was interested in to not be on there - there’s 3261 magazines in total to browse through - and my personal favourites list is pretty extensive!

It’s just £7.99 for a monthly subscription (in line with what we pay for the various TV subscription packages we are signed up to) and this gives you unlimited access to read as many magazines as you want. You can create profiles too for different members of the family and have up to five devices linked to the one account, so you can all do your own thing, in your own time.

It’s really simple to get started and I built a list of home, food, baby and weomen’s interest titles in just a few minutes. I’ve read everything from Gurgle to Cosmopolitan, Style At Home to Heat - that’s the thing, whatever I am in the mood for, be it a new recipe or some celebrity gossip escapism, I can find it on there.

AND it’s not just the latest issue - you go can back months and catch up!

It’s really clear and vivid to use, and Ethan can navigate it easily. He’s been looking at National Geographic for Kids and loves it, and hubs has been catching up on film and game news.

We’ve got out of the habit of late of reading magazines but I really do love them and having them all ready and waiting for me on my phone and my iPad is great for when I’ve got some time to kill or want to chill out for a minute, in the bath, on the train or with a cuppa.

It’s well worth checking out as for the price, you can’t complain for the choice. Plus Readly will send you email alerts when your new favourite titles release a new issue.

It’s our own personal newsstand, but much less bulky to carry around!

We were gifted a trial of Readly in return for our honest review - and here is all the technical things you need to know about how to use this app to get the most out of summer and beyond...

Read more than ever before this summer with a new way to enjoy your summer holiday reads 

Summer time is in full swing and with the heatwave set to continue, having your favourite read is essential, whether you’re taking a staycation or travelling abroad this holiday season.

Whatever your summer holiday style is, Readly is the perfect app for downtime reading or keeping you entertained whilst travelling. The digital magazine newsstand provides unlimited, all-you-can-read access to hundres of magazines in one app so there‘s no need to squeeze magazines into the suitcase, compromise on choice or worry about soggy poolside pages. It’s in your pocket via your smart phone or tablet. 

With the vast range of titles available through Readly, there’s something for everyone. Top women’s titles include OK!, Hello!, Closer, Heat, Vogue, Psychologies and Women’s Health magazine and men’s favourites include Autocar, T3, Stuff, What Car and Time magazine.

As Readly lets you read on five devices at once, whilst you’re catching up on celebrity gossip, fitness, tech, music or news and trends, your other half can be planning the next holiday in travel titles and doing crosswords. With kids titles like Horrible Histories and Beano, it’s ideal for all the family.

Top features of the app include:

Family Sharing Access – read magazines on up to 5 devices at once and share Readly with your partner and all the family
Mobile Reading - thanks to the handy Article View functionality, Readly is perfectly optimised for smartphones and tablets
Unlimited Reading - Readly doesn’t limit the number of titles you read so read your favourite title and try news ones too, there’s over 3261 titles to choose from!  
Offline Reading Available - if you want to properly shut down without wi-fi by the pool, you can download up to 500 magazines before the holiday and read them in the offline mode wherever you may be.
No Paper, No Waste – read your favorite magazines in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Over 13 million digital magazines were read via Readly in the last year. With 3261 titles available (over 1000 UK titles), there’s a magazine for every moment. The top three places to read outside the home are on holiday locally (81%), on holiday overseas (60%) and on transport (53%) according to latest research.

Readly costs £7.99 per month with a 2 week free trial.

Visit to learn more about Readly.


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