Thursday 30 August 2018

Making your money go further this Christmas

Ok, I'm going to mention the 'C' word. I know that it's still August and technically still summer. And I know it's crazy when the shops start to stock festive cards before we've even had the need to turn the heating on at home. I know, I know. BUT, I am one of those people who likes to be prepared and with a baby coming before Christmas, my planning is starting even earlier.

I have started making lists when present ideas pop into my head and it won't be long until I am compiling my annual Santa's grotto guide for the Midlands (it'll be my fifth one this year!) - although we will have to think about when we book in to see the man in red ourselves as my due date is 8th December...

Planning is also my way of spreading the cost. We'll all have our own ways and tricks for saving moneys, bagging bargains and making sure we budget for the big day, and the earlier you start thinking about these, the less stressful life is all round, I find.

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Knowing your monthly incomings and outgoings is an important place to start for all money management; you can track all your bills and essentials, including dates when they're due, and see exactly where your money is coming - and going. Working out your finances using this handy budget calculator from Creditfix is worth doing so you can take stock and plan ahead for the next few months so the cost of Christmas is more manageable, with presents, events and food all mapped out month by month, so it can help you stick to your plan and make your money go that little bit further.

With my household budget worked out for the months ahead, I can see where I can put money aside for the festive holidays and do a little bit at a time. In November, we are going away for the weekend for our annual Mock Christmas celebrations, and I know that next month, the balance for our cottage is due. When I have my October salary, I will be making the most of a few days of annual leave to buy all our Christmas presents and have them wrapped and ready, so that it's sorted long before baby comes along.

It may sound crazy to some, but planning things out, in detail, helps me to handle the stress and cost that can come with Christmas.

What are your tips for saving money for the festivities? 


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