Wednesday 15 August 2018

Review: Fuzzikins Campervan Carry Case

So we've reached the halfway point of the summer holidays, and for many of us, there's still three weeks of so to fill. ANOTHER THREE WEEKS! Don't get me wrong, having so much time with Ethan has been so nice, but it is a struggle with work and sharing annual leave with hubs, and it can be easy to run out of things to do. 

Every child will have a 'I'm so bored' day so in these instances, I bring out the creative kits and get Ethan making something to play with.

We were kindly sent a pretty cool new colouring carry case from Fuzzikins. Cool, because I love campervans myself, and fun for Ethan as he loves playing with figures and colouring, as two of his most favourite things.

I did wonder if it was perhaps a little more girl orientated, but given that it came with felt tips, stickers and the chance for him to make his mark, he was pretty chuffed straightaway. In fact, the set had to be opened IMMEDIATELY and he then spent the next three hours colouring in the two felt cats, then sticking the stickers onto the vans windows, and then playing with the van and taking other toys for a ride in it.

And a few days later, the campervan is still out and capturing his imagination!

Here's what you need to know about Fuzzikins...

The Fuzzikins craft sets are a great gift for creative kids. Fuzzikins are adorable fuzzy animals to colour and play. These craft sets offer hours of fun customising the Fuzzikins and their world! You can colour the Fuzzikins animals with whatever designs your heart desires. Wash them and you can colour them again with a new look. 

The Fuzzikins Campervan Carry Case (RRP £19.99) can be decorated and has plenty of space for the cats to enjoy a meal or have a quick cat-nap on the pull-down bed. 

Fuzzikins Cats love life on the open road and like nothing better than to drive their cool Campervan to the beach and party!

Kids can colour their cats and customise the van with the colouring pens and stickers provided. Inside there is plenty of space for the cats to enjoy a meal or have a quick cat-nap on the pull down bed. This beautifully designed activity craft set encourages creative and imaginative play and is all contained in a handy carry case.

It was a fun set to receive and suited Ethan's creative side, so I'd recommend having this ready and waiting for the next rainy day - or as a reward for good behaviour.


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