Tuesday 14 August 2018

Sleep soundly with Leesa - and save £100 on a new mattress with TBM!

Sleep. Something that everyone needs. Some more than others (that's me!). Something that can elude you when you're pregnant, or have a newborn, or there's a heatwave. Of course, a good night's sleep comes down to having a good routine and a welcoming bedroom environment to promote those zzz's, and nothing is more important than your bed.

Your mattress, to be precise.

We invested in a new mattress around six years ago, which was long overdue, but of late, we've been a bit uncomfortable and with baby bump growing each day, my sleep routine has been affected, so the sound of a new mattress was music to my ears.

Enter Leesa - a magic mattress (my words) that comes tightly packed in such a relatively small box and then when you open it up (magic words optional), it slowly unfolds and expands and within an hour, you're ready to test it out.

I had never heard of a mattress in a box before - especially as we have a king size bed, I thought that there's no way something so large can be delivered in such a compact package. At least, nothing super comfortable.

I was wrong, it turns out.

Within just two days of placing our order, our Leesa mattress arrived and I still wasn't convinced, but I had faith. Leesa mattresses take a completely different approach and they offer a great combination of support and comfort - great if you're like the Goldilocks of beds, and don't like hard mattresses but hate them too soft too.

It has three special layers that work to keep you cool, adjust to your contours for comfort (in my case, my growing contours!) and core support so that you can get as decent a night of forty winks as your little ones will allow (unfortunately Leesa can't do anything about nightfeeds or childrens' nightmares).

So, what's the magic formula? 

1. Cooling Avena Foam
This is 5cm deep and provides good airflow that keeps you cool whilst also giving a bit of bounce so you can easily move around.

2. Pressure Relieving Memory Foam
Underneath, the first layer is another 5cm layer, this time of memory foam, which delivers the renowned body contouring and pressure relief that memory foam is known for.

3. Dense Core Support
The final layer is the thickest, at 15cm, and adds strength, durability and structure which helps to support all sleepers of all sizes without feeling too firm.

All the technical specifications can be found here, if you want to read up and find out more about why the mattress has won awards / accreditation from Which?, Men's Health and the Good Housekeeping Institute. They're so confident too that they offer a 100 day guarantee, as they're sure it will be 'love at first night' and if not, then the mattress can be returned for a full refund.

You can also sleep soundly because Leesa really do all they can to give back. As a socially conscious company, they donate one in ten mattresses sold to charity - at last count, this meant they had given away more than 30,000 - and should anyone return their mattress after the 100 day trial (they'd be crazy to!), these are also donated to local causes. A tree is also planted for every mattress they sell, to help improve their carbon footprint, which is all really good to know when choosing somewhere to buy from. It can certainly help you to sleep more soundly.

So, what do us O'Hanlons make of our new mattress? Well, Ethan's asked for more sleepovers than usual, and hubs has said he's been sleeping better and as someone who gets very hot at night, he's found the mattress to have that aforementioned cooling effect.

There is more give to the mattress than our last one, but it still feels supportive. Hubs is 6 foot 5 inches whereas I am considerable shorter, so I was worried that we might feel like we are rolling into the centre, but as two side sleepers, we are able to settle in the positions that we feel most comfortable and I have been sleeping pretty well, baby bump and the onset of heartburn aside.

I really like the look and feel of the mattress and it does seem to be very high quality. It's a shame to throw a sheet over it! 

Our bedroom is a relaxing space for us, and we have a large, high shelf above the headboard for books and fairylights and important pictures, and a colour changing light which is really nice for setting the ambience. This wall is a feature wall, in deep blue paint, whereas the others are a cloud grey tone to keep the tone calm. Opposite us, we have three wedding photos and a small shelf with a few nic naks on, including baby's scans. It's a personal space so we have things that mean a lot to us around us, and of course plenty of cushions too, as it's got to be all about comfort. 

Now, having our new Leesa mattress, means we're looking forward to bedtime even more now.

If you want to have a better night's sleep, you can have £100 off a Leesa mattress on me, as they've kindly given me a unique code - TOBECOMEMUM - that'll save you some money whilst you stock up on those zzz's. Visit this link today, save some money and prepare to have your best sleep yet!

* We received our mattress for the purposes of this review and I am an affiliate, all opinions and content are genuine and my own.


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