Wednesday 5 September 2018

Making a good impression with bespoke design and printed presentation products

One of the things in life I have a bit of an obsession for is stationery. I love the stuff! The start of a new notepad is always exciting, I get a kick out of organising my work into folders and over the years have kept a presentation folder of highlights, that dates back to work experience achievements when I was a fresh-faced student. I should also say, that I like to hoard!

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A blast from the past - how my blog used to look a couple of years ago!

I have so many sticky notes, notecards, binders, document wallets, pens, highlighters… you name it, I have it stored in my bureau. My desk at work holds more delights…

I'm in the need of some new business cards that reflect my blog design now, rather than an old look it had a while ago, and if I were ever to consider making this space of my a full-time job, I would of course need even more stationery and design needs. 

I am all about branding and consistency. If you want to be taken seriously and create a strong identity for yourself that will be recognised and understood, you need to have good visibility. A memorable logo, defined branding pack including colours and fonts, and a clear presence across platforms that all ties together is a great way to ensure you are seen and make an impact.

For full-time bloggers or those who make a living offering freelance services, brand identity I think is even more crucial. Whilst it's good to have everything to hand digitally - for ease of emailing and to help support your presence on social platforms and your website and / or blog - for me, nothing beats something you can hold in your hand and having specially designed materials to give to clients and contacts makes a really good impression.

For freelancers to business large and small, design and print services are so important to look into. Showcase Creative is a specialist printing company that offers a whole host of products, all tailored to fit in with your specific brand needs. Whether you are looking for bespoke presentation folders, branded ring binders, a handy calendar you can send to your network, a special leaflet or your very own business cards, they can take care of it all. Ideal if you are looking to buy in bulk, as you can save more, the more you buy.

Personally, if this were my full-time job, the kind of things I would look to have designed and printed for me would be:

  • Business cards - featuring my blog identity, strapline, social channels, website and contact information, plus a photo (always handy to have, as sometimes people get so many so it's a good way to ensure you're remembered!)

  • Services / media pack - PR agencies often ask bloggers for media packs and having a list of blog, vlog and social data, as well as services offered, is going to be indispensable, and if you have this as a printed leaflet, it's bound to help you put your best foot forward at any meetings you have

  • Binder / folder - when I worked in PR, everything we used or presented matched and tied-in with our brand, and we did the same when presenting clients with work, so worth considering

  • Company calendar - a useful tool for keeping in touch and nurturing relationships, it'll look really cool hanging in your own office and could be a good way of getting across what you have to offer / have achieved in a way that will be useful to them too

Remember, first impressions count!

What bespoke stationery or office item would you have made for yourself / your business? What are your top tips on making your mark and being memorable?


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