Tuesday 4 September 2018

A look at the Fearne for Boots Mini Club A/W 2018 collection

Last Wednesday, I took Ethan to London for the day as we’d been invited to the launch of the autumn / winter 2018 collection from Boots Mini Club - with a very special guest. 

Only my celebrity best friend.
Not that she knows it.
But for years I’ve loved her. Her TV shows. Her radio show. Her books. Her style. 

Fearne Cotton. (Who’s birthday it was yesterday, FYI).

She has designed clothes for Boots Mini Club for a while and the new season drops feature some fun and colourful options for baby, plus boys and girls, with the range now going up to the age of seven due to popular demand.

I jumped at the chance to go to the event - being on annual leave meant that it was easier than normal for me to actually say yes to an invite like this for a change - and knew that Ethan would enjoy the adventure, getting to go on the train and squeezing in a visit to Hamleys, the Lego shop and M&M World whilst we were there.

The launch was beautifully put together, with displays of clothing collections around a modern rustic studio. And there was even a hint of Christmas, with a room dedicated to frocks and festive wear for kids. I did let out a little squeal when I saw it!

So what can you expect from the new Fearne for Boots Mini Club collection?

Vivid blues and greens against greys and navy for boys, shimmery fabrics and bold prints for girls, and a few gender neutral options too including jeans and teal tones. 

There’s slogans and characters, motifs and detailing from zippers to collars, which makes this collection something a little bit more special.

But it’s all still very wearable AND it’s affordable, with pieces starting at just £8, and going up to £35 for a winter coat. Not bad at all.

Ethan was gifted a ‘Make Your Mark’ slogan long-sleeve t-shirt and it is just so lovely. Honestly, it may seem really simple but the blue is just so bright and looks great on him, there’s lovely detailing and the material is so soft (and just £10 too). He also has a grey hoody with slogan patches on, and seems super durable, so for £14, it’s another fab find from Fearne’s latest collection.

Looking around everything else that’s new from Boots Mini Club, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the baby bits (of course) and there’s plenty that’s gender neutral, with the penguin set being particularly cute. I also learnt that their baby clothes come with one copper popper - so if you start with it, you’ll never do a bodysuit up wrong. Genius!

There’s also a brand new premature baby collection, in partnership with Bliss charity, which is a fantastic idea and so thoughtfully put together.

It was a fun event with lots to see and meeting Fearne was of course really memorable. We love Ethan’s new clothes and can’t wait to pick out some things for baby bump too - I only wish some of the girls' clothes came in adult sizes too...


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