Thursday 20 September 2018

#TBT To friends, on the day your baby is born

To my friends,

You have welcomed into the world the baby you have hoped and dreamed of for the past nine months, and more. Your bundle is fresh and new and whilst you start to memorise every little detail of their face and breathe in that newborn smell, you'll no doubt find your mind racing ahead to the days, weeks and years ahead of you. What will it feel like to bring them home? How will you go from being a two to a three? What will they grow up to be?

It's such an amazing time and one that you can't really describe. Everything is new, you're terrified that you might break her and you realise that there really is no handbook delivered with your baby. You go home when someone else tells you too and you're allowed to just take them with you and start caring for them.  Just like that. With no guides. No step by step instructions. This is it - you're a parent now.

But it'll all come to you and whichever way it does, however you feel and whatever you choose, it'll be the right choice for you and for your baby. I don't think anyone really knows what kind of parent they will be or how they will find all the new experiences.

Whilst everyone jokes about lack of sleep and endless nappies, it's something altogether different as you go through it yourself. You'll laugh, you may cry and you will smile more than you ever have before. Feel what you need to feel, do what you need to do and don't worry about anything else; you will find your way in parenthood without realising you already knew the directions.

Your way is your way and may be different to mine or someone else's, but that's ok because only YOU know your baby the way you do and you know your instincts too.

Be kind to yourself and each other.

Don't rush or push yourself.

Say yes to help but also no when you need to. 

Time does go fast, it's true, but some days may go a littler slower. It's ok to wish time would speed up or stand still, such is the contradiction of becoming a parent.

Drink in all these first moments.

Get to know the baby in your arms.

They’ve waited a long time to meet you. And a great adventure is about the start.

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