Tuesday 25 September 2018

The vintage charm of sash windows and how to make them more efficient without losing it

Are you wondering how to make your Sash windows more efficient and useful? With pretty window treatments done to make your home's interior appear more aesthetically pleasing and stunning, you also want to make it more productive, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. This is even more important if you have nicely decorated timber casement windows, metal windows or double-glazed sash windows that make winters even more magical and ethereal.

Sash Windows & Their Charm
Sash windows add to the splendour and voguish ambience of your home. The window has two frames that slide vertically. This facilitates ventilation and the airflow within your house. There are different types of sash window designs that you can choose from like single-hung and double-hung to name a few. The specific design first originated during the mid-late 17th century in England and has since been a popular element of the mid-late 17th century. These are apt for retaining heat during cold weather, so your home stays warm and cozy. Sash Windows with double glazing are ideal to step up the winter vibes, add to your interior's overall aesthetics, and improve the airflow.

How To Make Sash Windows More Efficient
Use the following procedures like draught-proofing, double glazing, use of shutters and secondary glazing to make your sash windows more efficient and use-worthy and to improve their thermal performance. Make sure you have a professional window-repairing firm renovate your sash windows.

Simple draught-proofing
Wooden frames for sash windows are often affected by draughts and gaps, which result from timber warping and deflection over time. Add draught-proofing strips to the window frames to minimize draughts and the overall heat loss in winters. With draught stripping, you can minimize draughts to almost 90%, as per studies. It is also good to use close-fitting roller blinds or heavy curtains to cut down heat loss from sash windows in extreme cold weather.
Slim-profile double-glazing is a technique used by window repair experts to make sash windows more efficient. When double glazing is applied, most conventional glass windows require renewing because the sashes are unable to support the extra weight and thickness of the double glazed units. These units are almost 12-14mm thick or more, so windows are redesigned to include thicker glazing sashes or bars for more efficiency.

Secondary glazing
Experts use secondary glazing to include a glass sheet to existing windows to introduce an air gap between the two. This enables homeowners to retain the original design of the sash windows while improving their overall efficiency and usefulness. As per studies, secondary glazing can cut off heat loss by more than 60%.

Use Of Shutters
It is a good idea to have your sash windows designed using internal shutters to keep the heat in, especially during the night. Although modern heating appliances make these shutters appear obsolete, the fact is that these original shutters are great at minimizing heat loss in winters. They perform almost as good as double glazed sash windows. Additionally, these shutters add to the splendid aesthetics of your house including the window design. You can also have newly customized shutters made for your sash windows that synchronize with the overall theme and decor.


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