Sunday 7 October 2018

Pumpkin picking at Essington Farm, Wolverhampton #MySundayPhoto

Autumn is my favourite time of year. What's not to love? Beautiful colours as the season changes, the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes, warm cardigans, boots and blankets to cosy up in and of course, pumpkins!

Having something of a pumpkin myself being carried around with me (I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant), I couldn't wait to go out this year to a local pumpkin patch to pick some of our own, in different colours, shapes and sizes, and to take the chance of getting some autumnal family photos.

And to think, this time next year, we can go out to the farm again with baby along for the ride too...

We visited Essington Farm, near Wolverhampton. It's well signposted from the M54, free to enter and you pay for what you pick. This was the first weekend they opened their pumpkin fields to the public, and they are open every day until Halloween itself, with tractor rides to the furthest field running at weekends (check their website for details).

There's two large fields to explore, and a top tip is to walk on a bit to find areas where the pumpkins may be more plentiful.

We arrived around 10.20am, so shortly after they opened, so we were one of only a few families, and we are told that it does get busy, as you'd expect, around lunchtime and the closer we get to Halloween.

They've planted some 40,000 pumpkins and have around 10 different varieties, so you can have a good explore and see which ones catch your eye. There's little baby ones to be found, then every colour including orange, green and white, plus we came across a yellow one - so we ended up bringing six home ourselves.

There's size guides in the fields so you know what to expect in terms of cost per pumpkin - ranging from £2-£9, then when you return to the welcome tent, you can pay for what you've picked. There are plenty of pumpkins in here too, if you don't fancy the fields, and there's another tent with mini tractors in for kids to ride on.

A fun way to spend a couple of hours (there's a deli cafe on site too) and Ethan well and truly enjoyed himself, whilst I have plenty of pumpkin spam to last a while on my Instagram feed - so pop over there to see some more pics from our pumpkin picking over the next few days.



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