Wednesday 10 October 2018

What to Pack For A Stag Do Abroad?

The big night of bidding goodbye to your bachelorhood is one of the most important nights in an engaged man’s life. The celebration of his singlehood, before he becomes a husband and leads a happily married life, has been a long standing tradition enjoyed and followed for years now.

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A stag do abroad means lots of travelling, exploring and facing unexpected challenges and overcoming them happily, because it’s your friends’ stag do. Travelling abroad and having more than one night of stag celebration has become one of the top ideas for a stag do.

Whether you’re travelling for your stag do to UK or somewhere else in Europe, or anywhere in the world, there are certain essentials that your suitcase must have. So here’s a list of things to help you pack your bags and have a great stag do with the lads.

1.Most Important
The most important things that you need for your stag party trips abroad is your passport and foreign currency. Make sure you remember to make copies of your passport and leave them with someone back home and also carry some copies with you. These copies will come in handy in case you lose your passport somewhere in the foreign land. Don’t forget to carry sufficient amount of foreign currency and if you plan to pay only by card, then add your credit or debit card to the list of most important things for your stag do abroad.

2. Electronics and Accessories
Mobile phones are the next most important thing you will need on your stag trip. Not only to click pictures but also to communicate, so ensure that you’re also carrying the charging cable for it. If you’re a person who likes to click his pictures in a camera, then make sure you carry your memory card, charging cable, battery and other additional items that you will need to make your camera functional.
A very important part of electronics which a lot of people forget about when travelling abroad, is a universal power adapter. Your home country might follow a different voltage capacity than UK or some other country so you will need a power convertor to plug your charger in. If you directly plug in your charger at a different voltage level than what it’s meant for, you’re at a risk of causing permanent damage to your electronics.

3. Clothes
What you’re going to wear is going to affect your quality of enjoying your stag do abroad. The best way to decide what clothes you should pack is check out the weather conditions expected in the days of your trip to the stag party destination abroad and then pack your clothes accordingly. In case of a warm weather, pack light and comfortable clothing which will be suitable to walk around and explore the city. You should add a pair of semi- formal attire for a fancy night out in a club or bar.
In case you’re going to a cold place, pack enough woollens and warm clothes. In case of a rainy destination, carry an umbrella and a poncho so that you don’t have to stay indoors each time it begins to rain.

Wearing comfortable shoes is very important when you’re travelling, especially when you’re travelling for a stag do with your friends. Unexpected plans can come up when you’re on a stag do with your friends, so it’s important that you are able to walk for long durations comfortably, so ensure you carry the most comfortable pair of shoes with you on your stag do.

4. Medicines
Carry some important medicines for minor ailments like headache, fever, nausea etc. You might also want to carry some vitamins and minerals for the morning after to cure the hangover. Some band aids will also come in handy in case of any minor cuts and bruises. Although you will have access to a dispensary in your stag do destination, it’s always better to carry some meds with you for temporary relief at least.

All stag do ideas will have one thing in common, which is an epic night of having lots and lots of fun. All you need to do is ensure that you’re prepared for all kinds of fun on your stag do. While packing for your stag do abroad, make a checklist and go about ticking off items on the checklist while you’re packing. This will ensure that you do not leave any items out. Get, set, stag!


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