Thursday 25 October 2018

Stay warm this winter with a cosy fire

If you have never used firewood to heat your home before, then this is definitely a recommended solution. This is a brilliant way of heating your home whilst being cost efficient at the same time. Plus, no one can deny that you get an excellent dose of heat by using this method. This can really make your home feel cosy and comforting.

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However, a lot of first-time fireplace users are shocked by the fact that they have a few decisions to make when it comes to buying firewood. Many expect it to be as simple as going online and selecting firewood and boom – as easy as A, B, C. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as there is a lot of different types of firewood for you to select from. But don’t let this worry you.

Use the following tips and you are assured to select the right firewood for your fireplace:

#1 Buy seasoned logs

Firstly, it is imperative that you buy seasoned firewood. This is firewood that has been dried for an extensive period of time – typically a minimum of six months. If the firewood is not seasoned then it is known as ‘green’. A tree cannot be harvested and then immediately put on your fireplace. This is because when a tree has just been cut the wood contains a lot of water. This would be extremely ineffective when it comes to lighting the wood. However, the problems run deeper than this because it is actually dangerous as well.

#2 Consider wood type

The next thing you need to do is decide what type of firewood you are going to buy for your home. As you probably know there is a huge number of different types of woods. Some of them are excellent for fire use, others are not so good. Most people tend to opt for heavier woods. This is because they have a greater value in terms of fuel per piece. They tend to last much longer and will generate a better fire. Good examples of heavier woods include hickory and oak. You will get a better amount of heat and more value for your money.

#3 Firewood quantity

The third thing you need to take into account is the quantity of firewood you are going to purchase. Most firewood sold tends to be done so via the cord. This is the only official measurement that has been given for firewood. A cord relates to the following; 128 cubic feet i.e. 4 inches in height x 4 inches in depth x 8 inches in width. This should give you the information you need to know how much you are buying as a lot of first-time buyers usually get confused when they see the term ‘cord’.

You will also need to prepare your fireplace...

If you have recently had a fireplace installed, it should be good to go! However, if you have had a fireplace in your home for years and you simply have not used it, you need to do some checks. Firstly, make sure the fireplace contains heat resistant tiles and that it is not just for show. Furthermore, you need to make sure the fireplace is cleaned thoroughly and professionally too.

So there you have it: stay warm and cosy this winter with a fire!


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