Wednesday 5 December 2018

Things I'll miss about pregnancy... and things I won't!

As this pregnancy comes to an end (and not knowing if it'll be my last), I thought I'd reflect on the things I will miss about being with child... and the things I really won't miss all that much at all!

What will I miss?

1. Embracing the bump 

Every woman struggles with their body at one time or another, and I know that for some pregnant ladies, the changes that happen during pregnancy can be difficult to accept. For me, I have reached an age / time in my life when I feel pretty happy in my own skin, and accepting of who I am, but having a bump has actually helped me to feel even more confident. I love how I can just let my tummy doing its thing, not having to worry about sucking in the mum tum, and just embracing the extra curves.

2. Baby wriggles

Feeling this baby moving around is such a lovely, reassuring feeling. I feel close to them and like I know their personality already, and it is a connection unlike anything else. I can't imagine not feeling them wriggling any more, when my body becomes my own again.

3. Feeling special

Whilst you do become public property some-what when you are pregnant, with anyone making comments, asking questions or going in for a rub, it does make you feel pretty special. Sure, explaining why you didn't want to know what the baby was or giving an update on how long you have left ("I know, it could be any day now!) can get repetitive, everyone means well and it is a special time where you are doing something pretty amazing, and others are keen to share that with you too.

What won't I miss?

1. Heartburn

Seriously - even drinking water can bring it on. It's just so frustrating and at night, it can really hit hard and make me miss out on all important sleep.

2. Uncomfortable trousers

Maternity clothes can leave a lot to be desired, sometimes. Generally, you can just buy clothes a bigger size, or opt for certain styles over others. I've worn many things in my wardrobe that aren't maternity, or bought some things that can work with bump and without. BUT! Trousers are a nightmare.

Maternity leggings have been my staple, as the only thing that feels comfortable around bump, and fitting everywhere else. But it means that I am limited to tunics and dresses, and with it being colder now, I want to wear jumpers.

I've bought maternity jeans but they just aren't comfortable. Jegging styles were fine in the beginning, but over time they became too tight on bump. Try sizing up, or buying bootcut style jeans instead, and bump may be cosy but I have to keep pulling the jeans up as they are falling off my hips and down my bum.

3. Going to the loo - all. the. time.

It really does get tedious in the end, spending so much time in the bathroom. We went away a couple of weeks' ago with friends, and I honestly felt like I spent half the time in the loo, having a wee. SO boring!

There's just a few things I will miss or can't wait to leave behind. Pregnancy is a special time and I feel fortunate that it's gone well for me - touch wood - both times, but I'm sure I'm not alone too when it comes to seeing the highs and lows of giving over your body to growing another little human!

Share your thoughts below!


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