Saturday 12 January 2019

Sullivan so far - our first three weeks with our new baby boy

Our little Sulley Bear has been with us for three weeks already; his birth feels like an age ago, but then it feels like he's been here no time at all.

It probably has something to do with the fact he was born six days before Christmas (see my announcement post and my labour story if you need to catch up!) and on day two, Ethan broke up from school for the holidays, so we were thrown straight into the festivities and the slower pace that the Christmas break seems to bring.

Ste only went back to work yesterday, so we really are still adjusting to life as a family of four, and me to being on maternity leave and having a baby to take care of again every day.

So, what do we know about our latest little man?

Sullivan is a very content baby, who rarely cries and doesn't need to have constant attention or contact - but does love it when it has it!

Since he was born, each night and every following day has followed a very similar pattern of sleeping and feeding habits, give or take an hour. As of this past week, this has become more pronounced and we are able to work things around this or plan the night shifts based on what suits hubs (a night owl) and me (an early bird) best. His general pattern is have a feed around 5-6am, sleep for three hours, feed, sleep for another three hours. Afternoon is when we have some alert time, another feed and another big sleep, then alert time early evening after another feed, nodding off around 7-8.30pm. He then usually settles by 9.30/10pm after another feed, but isn't always guaranteed to go down in his cot. A sleep of up to two hours follows, then his most alert time of the day is 11pm-1am or 12-2am when he has a big drink and needs more time to settle. If he is earlier, he'll wake up two hours later, or he may stay asleep until 4-5am, but every night, it'll be three bottles from 9pm onwards.

He's a real milk monster. Touch wood, he's always fed well, burps really easily and doesn't spit up very often, or a lot when he does - a complete change from his brother, who had reflux for months and would need changing several times because of all the milk coming back up without warning. When he was born, he weighed 8lb 2 oz. One week later, he had only lost 6% (up to 10% is fine for newborns and to be expected apparently), at 7lb 12oz, then at the two week mark, he'd made it all back and then some, weighing in at 8lb 8oz. Glad to see all the milk guzzling was going to good use!

I do think he is growing before our eyes and some of the newbornness is fading now - although I still think he has that lovely smell, and his eyes are still quite dark, but seem to be getting sharper by the day.

It's pretty handy that Sullivan stays asleep early in the morning, now that the work and school routines are kicking back in again; Ethan was always a good sleeper, and still is, at this time which gives me the opportunity to get myself ready and other things before having to help him get up and at 'em. And the current late morning nap is ace for getting the house back in order and a few things sorted for the day ahead.

Like I say, so far, he is very content and when awake, he likes to look around the room, stare at faces and lights and is really very quiet. The only time he makes noise is when a) he feeds, when he makes a whole array of funny sounds, squeaks and snuffles, followed by loud burps, and b) when we change his nappy, half the time he will get a bit upset and makes some dinosaur sounding cries, which soon fade once his clothes are fully on again. Some nights, he really seems to be struggling to pass wind or a number two, which can either disturb his sleep or make a feed take a long time. Hubs does all the massage tricks to help him, but it's a shame that he seems to save most of his poos for the evening / night time as he's not always very happy about it!

It's obviously all so new for us and we're still getting to know this little guy. I know that every stage that will follow is exciting and things get better and better, but I also know how quick the newborn days pass and how important this time is. So I am trying hard to slow down and savour things, letting chores or other things pass or wait longer than I normally would, or staying under baby cuddles as there is no rush and I want to enjoy and do my best to remember these early days with my beautiful Sullivan Elden.


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