Tuesday 15 January 2019

The Siblings Project - Ethan & Sullivan, January 2019

For almost one month now, we have been a family of four, I have been a mum of two boys and Ethan has been a big brother for the first time.

I have boys!

Ethan is a very sweet and caring boy but we have been blown away by how much he has taken to his little brother. During pregnancy, he remained interested and was attentive towards me too, regularly asking about baby and hugging and kissing bump every day. I thought he might have got a bit bored of it all, seeing as growing a baby takes so long, but he got more excited right up until baby was due.

We surprised Ethan when his baby brother arrived; he'd stayed at his auntie's the night Sullivan was born, then went to school the next day, so Ste picked him up after school and brought him home to find the baby waiting for him. It was a lovely moment and he started beaming, and within an hour, he was making up a song to sing to Sullivan about how much he loved him. Heart. Could. Have. Burst.

Since then, we've obviously had the Christmas break, so lots of time at home together, the four of us, to adjust and get to know Sullivan. Ethan has really stepped into the big brother shoes and needs no encouragement from us to show an interest in his baby brother, or to help us with anything we may need. He regularly asks if there are any 'baby jobs' he can do, first thing in the morning, he runs into our room to see Sullivan and he is always keeping a close eye on him.

It's really lovely to see how proud and besotted he is and it'll be lovely when Sullivan can focus more and will be able to really look at and engage with his doting big brother.

Here's a few pics of my boys this past month...

When Ethan met Sullivan

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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