Thursday 21 February 2019

5 Health Tips For Seniors

We all yearn to have a perfectly healthy body. With most youngsters suffering from obesity and related conditions, there is a reason for concern, and especially once the said individuals approach seniorhood.  Most of these health-related conditions are as a result of heavy drinking and leading a sedentary life. Learning to take care of your body and health holds the key to leading an illness-free life in the future.

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While youngsters may not care about their health, older persons need to be careful with their health. This is because the body's ability to replenish and repair continues to fade as we get older. Leading a carefree life will only bring about serious health issues in the future, which is why you need to switch to a positive lifestyle. Outlined below are a few ideas and tips on how seniors can take care of their body for optimal health.

1.         Lead An Active Lifestyle

Health experts such as Senior Care Center recommend leading an active lifestyle regardless of your age. It is by engaging in physical activities that body cells can replenish, rejuvenate, and even get rid of toxins from the nucleus. In addition to this, physical activity is known to improve your mental well-being as well as fight onset arthritis and early stages of dementia.  You don’t necessarily have to go to the gym to get enough exercise. Simple actions such as walking in the park, going for a swim, brisk walking, and even taking on gardening activities do go a long way in promoting good health.

2.         Have A Healthy Diet Plan

Most individuals in their seniorhood struggle to maintain, leave alone follow a healthy diet plan. Proper nutrition is required to help keep body cells nourished and healthy. That said, it is advisable to ensure all your meals contain enough portions of carbohydrates, proteins, mineral salts, and fats. Following a healthy diet plan reduces chances of contracting diabetes, hypertension, and osteoporosis among others. You can also increase your intake of foods known to reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's and other types of Dementia.

3.         Seek Regular Health Check-Ups

Most youngsters rarely think of going for a health checkup unless when in pain. Older people are however required to seek professional health checkups every once in a while. These checks mainly focus on blood pressure, sugar levels, eyesight, and hearing as well. Health experts recommend one checkup every year. You might also want to have your teeth, and oral health checked as well. Women should consider getting checked for breast cancer while men are advised to get tested for prostate cancer.

4.         Maintain The Recommended Weight

Your sense of taste and smell is bound to fade as you get older. That said, seniors find themselves eating too much salt or sugar, as well as fat-rich foods unknowingly. This is one of the main reasons most of these experiences an increase in their weight. Another reason is that metabolism in older people is considerably lower than it is with younger people. This, therefore, increases the risk of stroke, cancer, and heart attack among other health conditions. Nonetheless, striving to maintain the recommended weight does help keep your health in check.

5.         Socialize
Depression and isolation are ubiquitous with seniors. Most seniors tend to retreat to their home and avoid seeing other people, including their friends. While it may be for a good reason, isolating yourself will only bring about depression and other issues that contribute t increased risk of blood pressure. Learning to socialize and going out more however, eliminates these risks leaving you happier at the end of the day. Consider participating in outdoor events and take on hobbies that help you see other people more often. Maintaining and even widening your social contact is good for your health.


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