Friday 22 February 2019

Sullivan so far - two month update, baby boy number two

Our second baby boy has just turned two months old this week and every day, his personality is developing and we are getting to know our little Sulley bear more and more.

You can read his five week update here, and now it's time for Sullivan's two month update (read Ethan's here):

His current routine is...

Very similar to before, to be fair! Sullivan is a real creature of habit, and has followed the same routine since around one week old; feeding every two to three hours, 120ml, which often sends him off to sleep, although these past two weeks this happens less and less. He will nap on me after a feed but I can't transfer him to his sleeping cushion or cot for more than five to fifteen minutes before he wakes again. Only difference is when he's in the car, but generally we will get a longer nap in the afternoon. At night, he has a bottle around 9-9.30pm, which leads onto a warm up sleep, then his feed at 11.30pm/12am sets him up a little longer, followed by 3.30-4am and then again at 6/7am.

He's generally good at feeding, but can take a long time to finish a bottle and even though he's supposed to be having more milk and less feeds - around 180ml, five times a day - he often doesn't finish a 120ml feed, and certainly requests them more regularly!

The longest he sleeps for is around three / three and a half hours, although we've managed four hours a couple of times and a five hour stint once.

His main changes or developments have been...

The day before he turned six weeks old, we were treated to his first smiles - and he smiled for around three minutes on and off so we knew they were for real! His smiles developed, once a day and then more frequent, up to now where we are lucky to have them several times a day, and for each of us in turn. Even the spotty stickers on his wardrobe make him beam!

The past two weeks have seen him start to make more 'conversational' type sounds, such as 'ahgoo', which he seems to almost giggle at when we do it back at him.

He's bery strong in holding his head up and looking around, and will follow us with his eyes when we leave the room or walk past. He's also very familiar with, and happy to see, his big brother.

He also doesn't seem to mind a bath all that much now, kicking his legs around constantly like a little frog.

His personality is...


He’s still very noisy, always making a sound of some kind, and is always moving - punching, kicking and waving his arms around. He has his hands in fists a lot of the time too!

We've used Infacol since the last update to help him as he was getting really upset with what we think was wind, and it seemed to help. We're having a bit of a break at the moment as he's had some loose nappies, so will see how we get on...

He likes...

Being stroked on his nose.
Being booped on the nose - whilst I say 'ahgoo!'
Lying on my chest to go to sleep.
Pats on the bottom when he needs settling.
Feeding! He's a real milk monster.
Hitting the dangling Nemo characters on his playmat.

He’s not so keen on...

Being left more than 10 minutes in his chair, on his cushion or on his play mat when awake, before he needs to be held again. He is getting a bit better, and can sometimes really enjoy it, but more often than not he wants some kind of contact with us.

Thoughts and things we are looking forward to...

Whilst he can be unsettled at times due to wind, we know which techniques work for him now and as he's so predictable and a creature of habit, it does make life a bit easier - even if we'd like a bit more sleep, and a couple less feeds to get some things done!

I am enjoying finding things for him to wear and have bought a fair few outfits for him in 3-6 months for Spring which I am looking forward to.

We start baby massage next week so I am looking forward to some bonding time with my little man.


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