Sunday 19 May 2019

Benefits of Window Shutters

A window shutter is a frame with vertical stiles and horizontal rails which is often a solid structure fitted on windows. Many homes have window shutters installed in them whether the home lies in a rural area or an urban setting. Window shutters can be easily installed and though these shutters can come in a variety of colours, white window shutters are most popular in many types of homes.

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There are many benefits of installing window shutters and the following are some of the key reasons why it is a good idea to use window shutters in homes:

Interior Décor Design

    Many people choose window shutters not just for their various useful benefits but also as an element of interior décor design. Wooden shutters open and fold neatly and add to the overall style of the interior design.
    It makes a home more appealing to prospective buyers. These are easy to install, easy to remove and also are appropriate for different types of interior décor styles.
    Different types of shutters can be used in various interior décor styles. Louvered shutters, plantation shutters, Scandinavian shutters, café style shutters, and tier on tier shutters are all popular with different interior design styles all over the world.
    These shutters are very versatile and are perfect with both homes in cold countries as well as tropical homes. They are at times, classic and stylish addition to a home and have different uses and benefits as well.

Privacy and Protection

    Windows are often see-through in nature and large windows can often show everything that is going on inside the house from outside.
    Windows can reduce privacy in the home and especially large windows can cause major problems of privacy both during the day and particularly at night with the lights on.
    Shutters reduce the visibility of the interiors of a home from outside. There is no need to put blinds or curtains for privacy if proper wooden shutters are installed on the windows in homes.
    These shutters also provide additional protection from the weather elements like dust, wind, rain storms and other climatic events. It also provides protection from the heat in the summer and the cold climate of the winter months.

Insulation & UV Protection

    Besides protection from the elements, these shutters also offer thermal insulation as well as sound insulation. During the winter months, it keeps the home warm and insulated from the cold weather outside. During the summer, it lets in cool air and prevents the heat of the sun from entering the home.
    These wooden panel shutters also maintain the acoustics within the home and provide proper sound insulation.
    The harmful UV rays of the sun are partially blocked by window shutters which add to the protection that shutters give to a home. These UV rays can be harmful to people living in homes with large windows and fitting shutters will provide a solution to this problem.

Easy Maintenance & Customisation

    Wooden panels are extremely easy to install and are available in different shapes and sizes so that they fit different types of windows and homes. They are easy to maintain and easy to clean as they can be simply wiped clean using a soft damp cloth.
    After a few years, a simple coat of paint will make these window shutters look new, modern and stylish.
    As mentioned above, custom made window shutters are available in different shapes and sizes. These panels can be also trimmed during installations as they can be easily fitted of different windows.
    These window shutters are available in different colours and mostly the plain white or pale coloured window shutters are more common and popular among home- owners.

Window shutters are particularly popular in tropical countries as well as the western world. The above-mentioned benefits make window shutters very useful and beneficial and are chosen for various types of homes all over the world. Window shutters are an interior design element and they are also a useful addition to windows in various types of households. Window shutters are becoming trendier as they are included in various home décor styles and a favourite with interior designers all over the world.


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