Tuesday 14 May 2019

Our Tree Top Adventure at the new Go Ape Coombe Abbey #review

Ethan is turning into a bit of an adrenaline junkie (certainly doesn't get it from me!) and for his sixth birthday we couldn't think of a better way to spend the weekend than to visit the new Go Ape site at Coombe Abbey Park, Coventry. We were kindly invited along to be one of the first to try the new Tree Top Adventure - a family tree-top adventure course made up of wobbly bridges, crossings and zip wires - and we surprised Ethan with this super fun activity, with Daddy along for the journey and Mummy and Sullivan firmly on the ground to watch and cheer them on.

First of all, Coombe Abbey is just stunning and well worth a visit any way, but with Go Ape setting down roots, it's all the more reason to head along and explore the scenery and the woods too. I spoke to quite a few other people during our visit (my feet were on the ground after all, and I am that kind of person who happily chats to strangers!) and so they all said they had just headed out that day to enjoy the weather and hadn't realised that Go Ape were there now too, but couldn't resist signing up as their children were particularly excited about the prospect of climbing and swinging through the trees.

And who can blame them? It really looks a lot of fun, and I have it on good authority that IT IS AWESOME - in Ethan's word, it was "the best day EVER!".

This is what this Go Ape attraction promises:

Set in 500 acres of beautiful, historic woodlands, this course is packed with plenty of exciting challenges and thrills.
Once your pulley is over the wire and safety lines connected, grab life by the ropes and enjoy the rush. Laughs (and screams) guaranteed. You won’t leave this course disappointed.

And we really didn't.

Signing in was easy then it was off to the Tree Top Adventure area. This is the first of three experiences you can choose, and great for families to do together as it is more suited to smaller children (any age can go, minimum height of 1m and maximum weight of 20.5 stone for adults). Tree Top Adventure offers an 'action-packed one-hour introduction to high ropes life with intricate crossings, wobbly bridges and a zip wire finale - guaranteed to evoke screams and laughter.' Boy did it! 

There's three challenges within this activity and each one ends with a ride back down to the ground on the zip wire. After getting into your harness and having a quick trial close to the ground and with guidance from the Go Ape team, you're ready to climb up those trees and start the platform challenges. Ethan was raring to go and Stephen went first so he could show him what to do. They crawled through tunnels, climbed rope nets and stepped over swaying wood bridges; so many different activities and all presenting a new challenge in the way you had to deal with it. 

There was only one section that Ethan struggled on but his Daddy helped him and he soon cleared it. You can go at your own pace but there are other people doing the challenge with you, and you can't overtake anyone so it's worth bearing in mind as there were times where Ethan had people keen and eager on his tail. Luckily, he wasn't fazed and enjoyed every moment.

At the end, they were both presented with certificates - well earned - and Ethan added his 'Jungle VIP' sticker he was given at the start, being his birthday, to this to keep as a memento of the day.

This entry adventure is £18 per person and certainly made for a fun and entertaining hour or so, and a memorable experience which they both enjoyed; it's not the kind of thing you do every day, is it? Go Ape Coombe Abbey also offers Tree Top Adventure Plus (minimum height is 1.2m, minimum age 6 years, and maximum weight 20.5 stone for the adults) for £21 per person and a bit more of a challenge. There's also the Tree Top Challenge which you have to be at least 1.4m for, priced at £26.40 if you book online first (£33 otherwise). 

My little monkey had a great deal of fun and followed by a picnic in the park, this made for a brilliant sixth birthday all round.

* Tickets were gifted but all opinions remain our own


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