Tuesday 14 May 2019

Best Budget Washing Machines

In the past decade, there was a time when every third advertisement that you saw on the television was of a detergent bar or a detergent powder. Have you ever tried wondering where the detergent ads have disappeared today?  This is only due to the cheap appliances that are available online.

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The washing machine has literally consumed the detergent bar manufacturing market. Anyone who has ever washed his or her clothes by hand will surely appreciate the role that is played by an automatic washing machine in the household. While the washing machine has become an important part of our life, choosing the best washing machine from the top list can be quite a tough job. Nowadays you will there are thousands of options available on the market and the number of models can be overwhelming.

However, after going through this guide, all the confusion and doubts that you may have will be cleared and it will help you make the right choice to get a cheap appliances online.

The top 3 budget washing machines of 2019

In this article, we list the top model washing machines for your reference sorted on the basis of quality and popularity.

1. Bosch 7kg Fully automatic front loading washing machine

Bosch is the global leader for the manufacturing of washing machines, especially the front loader type. The company manufactures some of the most efficient machines with exciting features:

         7kg capacity ideal for a whole family
         Fully automatic front loading type
         1200rpm speed
         Special added features like Variodrum, foam detection technology, LED display.
         2 years warranty on the whole product.
         10 years warranty on the motor.

These washing machines have been specially designed by German technology and ensure that they will cause no damage to your clothes.

Some of the key features:

 The machine saves a lot of water. The active water Technology has a number of load sensing levels where the machine automatically adjusts the water level according to the laundry requirement and load.
  The innovative anti-vibration design has been added to ensure stability.
  The washing machine has been fitted with the Variodrum feature that ensures the even distribution of water and detergent throughout the machine.
  It also has a reload function that allows the user to open the washing machine during the process of washing to add detergent or more clothes.
  It also comes with additional features like child lock and a volt check that deals with all kinds of voltage fluctuations.

2. LG 6.5Kg Inverter Fully automatic front loading washing

LG is another leading manufacturer of washing machines and they totally understand the psyche of a household. Some of the main features are:

         The total capacity of 6.5 kgs.
         Is a fully automatic front loading type.
         The spin speed is of 1000 RPM.
         Has excellent features like 6 motion DD, for less noise and minimized vibrations.
         Has a 2 years warranty on the product.
         Has a total of a 10-year warranty on the motor part.

One of the most important and unique features of this washing machine is that it provides your clothes with a gust of hot water wash facility. The 6 motion DD technology gives power to the washing drum to move in multiple directions thereby ensuring that all your clothes get the proper care.

3. Samsung 6.5 Kg fully automatic Front loading washing machine

Samsung washing machines are also among the leading washing machine manufacturers. The machine comes with features such as:

   Has a capacity of 6.5 kgs which is enough for the whole family.
   The rotating speed is 1000 RPM.
   It is a fully automatic front loader washing machine.
   It has excellent features like the diamond cut drum, touch panel and the chrome door.
   There is a total of a 3-year warranty on the whole product and 10-year warranty on the motor.

The Diamond drum is provided with diamond-shaped depressions with tiny holes so to offer the gentlest washing experience to your expensive clothes. The quick wash facility saves you a lot of time and electricity as you can set the timing to wash the clothes which are slightly dirty in the quickest and the fastest possible way.

It also comes with the silver wash feature which helps to eliminate all kinds of bacteria and germs from your clothes.

Washing machines are now no longer luxurious items and they have become an important part of the household. You can use this article so you will not need any further advice or guides in choosing the right washing machine for you.


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