Wednesday 5 June 2019

A mammoth day out at intu MerryHill

When you've got a six year old with a short attention span, a five month old with a routine and a husband who isn't as keen on shopping in ALL the shops as you, a trip out can be tricky - but as a family, we always enjoy a trip to intu Merry Hill.

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It has EVERYTHING under one roof. All the mainstream shops you can think of and more besides.

Car parking is free.

The baby change facilities are spacious and accommodating.

There's a good choice of eateries, from quick bites to proper meals, to suit everyone's tastes.

And they always have something on to entertain you whilst you shop.

We went along last weekend to celebrate the first birthday of Marmalade the Mammoth, intu Merry Hill's mascot, who first stomped his way around the centre a year ago. Ethan was at his big launch and has had his flags on display in his bedroom ever since, he was that taken with him.

The centre pulled out all the stops for Marmalade's birthday, with a host whipping up the crowds into a frenzy, orange themed cupcakes and the launch of the 'Where's Marmalade?' book... PLUS two special appearances by none other than CBeebies star Andy Day, leading the birthday parade.

We were there for the first show of the day and heard Andy read from Marmalade's book and entertained the crowd with several of his dinosaur raps, with mums and dads being brought in for good measure. It wasn't a brief set my any accounts and there was a real sense of excitement in the air the whole day.

Afterwards, we shopped until we dropped. We bought some new summer clothes for Sulley in M&S, called in the Disney Store, popped to Hobbycraft, did a shop in Asda, ate in Nandos, bought a game in Game (where else?!)... we stomped the length and breadth of the centre and everyone left tired but happy.

Going to intu Merry Hill is always fun and ticks a lot of all our lists, but when it's half term or a bank holiday, it becomes even more of a must-visit destination, offering kids of all ages something fun to get involved with and a real bonus for families like us.

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