Tuesday 4 June 2019

Driving knowledge is an ongoing journey #DrivingIn2019

I've been a driver for almost a decade now and I'm on my fourth car, which is our family car. I am that typical 'mum taxi driver' stereotype, running everyone here, there and everywhere but I do enjoy being behind the wheel. I travel to visit my family and like to have time in the car to take in the journey and have time to think.

* In collaboration with Kwik Fit

Of course, #DrivingIn2019 is very different to when I first started, not just because I have more experience and two little ones to ferry around. Roads and rules are always changing and there's more to be aware of now than when I was taking those tests.

Changes and updates to the rules of the road are introduced to try and make the roads safer for everyone - drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike - and of course as a responsible driver, you do have to keep up to speed. Just passing your test once isn't enough; driving is an ongoing learning journey and if you don't brush up on your road knowledge regularly, you could actually be taking risks or land yourself in trouble.

For instance, you might know that children need to be sat within a suitable seat for their height, weight and age but did you know it' a requirement for everyone in the vehicle to wear a seat belt the whole time the engine is running, even if you are stationary?

Well, hopefully I'm not alone with needing to refresh a few things and thankfully, Kwik Fit has created a new e-Book, packed full of all you need to know about the most recent changes to everything from MOT tests to the Highway Code, learning to drive and the costs associated with motoring. 

Designed to be easy to access, this guide is such a great idea and I think it's a simple and accessible way to remain in the know - and safe on the road, and the right side of the law.

If you need to refresh your drivers' knowledge, download the Kwik Fit Rules of the Road e-book for free today.


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