Wednesday 31 July 2019

5 Tips Before You Start Looking Up Divorce Online

When life gets hard, “calling it quits” is the first escape mechanism people can cling on to. Since nothing’s working out, why bother hanging on right? Why would you subject yourself to the agony of trying to fight for something that is long gone or ruined? All these questions, hesitations, doubts, and unresolved conflicts I can understand. And I’m not claiming to understand all these emotions half-heartedly.
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We have all been in some pretty bad places in life. Everyone has experienced situations that we never think we will recover from. Marriages can be tested - but bear in mind:
It gets better.
I know that sounds totally cliché. It sounds like something a complete pacifist would say. But hey, it’s the truth. I may sound naïve, inexperienced, wishy-washy, and whatnot but I have seen things get better with patience. There is definitely a silver lining in what you’re going through right now, maybe you just haven’t seen it yet. Here’s to give you a little bit of inspiration:

So, let’s talk about divorce.
There are typically two driving forces behind every couple’s decision to file for divorce:
  •        It is something they want.
  •        It is something they need.
Sometimes, it can also be a little bit of both. When a divorce is something you want, there are often other personalities involved. You and your partner may have fallen out of love and have mutually agreed to seek for greener pastures elsewhere. It can also be a one-sided affair wherein you or your partner have sparked a newfound relationship with someone else and would rather clean the slate rather than keep on pretending that the marriage is still working when in fact, it’s not. If you’re stuck in a loveless marriage like this, you may want to consider filing for a divorce too rather than continue on a relationship built on lies and (possibly) infidelity.

On the other hand, a notion for divorce may have been raised because it is what the couple (or a part of the couple) needs. If abuse, disrespect, and violence are in play, then cutting the thread lose definitely becomes a necessity (read more). Becoming a martyr in the name of love and having your partner abuse your rights as a person is simply not worth it – not even if it’s for the sake of the children. If it comes down to this, making the call to severe your marital bond may be the best option to take. After all, you wouldn’t want your abusive relationship to be accepted as a norm by your children. For their sake and yours, freeing yourself from this kind of marriage is a choice you can make.
Then again, there are times when the couple neither wants nor needs to file a divorce. They obviously care for each other; they transparently show respect for one another. However, circumstances have simply led them to think that they’re in a bad situation. It could be misunderstandings, petty arguments, or groundless accusations. Regardless of what the source of distress is, both parties are obviously reluctant to cut ties but are too prideful to make amends as well.   
If you are either number 1 or 2 and you really think that your marriage has gone out the window and it’s too late for salvation, then by all means – check out divorce resources online. In fact, here’s a helpful article about the online divorce system to check out. However, if you belong to the third group, one that neither wants nor needs the divorce, then maybe you should just ease on your pride a little bit. Talk it out with your partner. All too often, an effective two-way communication is all it takes to resolve the worst of problems. We’re just so busy we don’t even want to bother with it.
Divorce is a heavy decision to make. No matter how many times you’ve tied the knot already. To admit defeat and to take back your vows can be a lot to swallow. Luckily, you’re not alone in this ordeal. Aside from your friends and family who are willing to show their utmost support to you, there are also legal professionals that can help you get through the process systematically and peacefully. So, rest your heart.  


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