Monday 29 July 2019

#SummerOfSpectacularShows at Warwick Castle - our fantastic family day out! #review

The Midlands and surrounding areas are packed full of fun family days out and the summer holiday is a great time to get out and explore, whether you're travelling from further afield or are a local. And one fantastic place to visit is Warwick Castle.

* gifted tickets

We went on Sunday to see the new spectacular show line up, and we had such a great day out. We all love a bit of history and a good day out for us is where there's plenty to see and do, whilst having the option to take along your own food and drink and to build the day into what you want it to be. And this really is the case as Warwick Castle.

Nestled in the centre of this county town, Warwick Castle can be explored inside and out, and has the feel of a 'working' castle because of the care put into maintaining it and the real life experiences the attraction offers. The dungeons are great for older people in the group, and I'm told not for the faint of heart, but there's plenty for families to enjoy and this summer, the action is indeed packed.

A top tip from us is to look at the itinerary in advance (although you do get one when you're there) so you arrive in good time and can map out the things you want to see. We ended up getting there a little later, so had to park in the field which is a little further back from the main car park (note: car parking is £6), and pushed back our plans a little as a result. It was no bother, as each event runs several times a day, whilst things like the archery you can turn up and take part in at any point.

After having a look around and enjoying the atmosphere, we went to the specially built jousting arena for War of the Roses. You chose which house you want to side with, the white rose of Yorkshire and the red rose of Lancaster, then watch the action unfold in epic fashion (Ethan's assessment of it all!). I won't give away what happens, but you get to see the famous historical drama reenacted by some great actors and stunt horses. The excitement levels were really raised and it was an immersive experience from start to finish.

We then decided to have a picnic by the bank of the lake, across from the Falconer's Quest, another show this summer, as this would be starting shortly after. And again, this is something not to be missed. A story plays out and various birds of prey are released to swoop mere inches over your head. I don't want to spoil anything if you plan on going, but I will say it is spectacular to watch and if you do hang around at the end, as the handlers try to get the birds back to their home, you might get to speak to them. Ethan loves peregrine falcons and was in owe when he saw one flying overhead - and even more so when he got to see it up close after the show.

There was a talk about the trebuchet, Knight School to enrol in and of course, the whole castle to explore inside and out, top and bottom. So much history, and so many extra elements that bring it all to life.

Want to go? Of course you do! Here's all you need to know about visiting Warwick Castle this summer holiday:

For day visitors:

Opening hours: The Castle is open daily from 10am – 4pm.

Castle entry: £21 when booked online in advance, and allows access to The Castle itself, 64 acres of grounds and all events and spectacular daily shows except the Castle Dungeon

Kingdom entry: £26 when booked online in advance, allows access to The Castle itself, 64 acres of grounds and all events and spectacular daily shows including the Castle Dungeon experience.

Book your ticket at

Shows at the Castle:

Warwick Castle has a summer of spectacular shows available including:

The Falconer’s Quest
The UK’s biggest birds of prey show, The Falconer’s Quest sees birds of prey take to the skies performing daring aerial acrobatics, swooping low over the crowd above the River Avon.

Wars of the Roses Live
An incredible live jousting show, complete with perilous stunt riding, live action jousting and special effects

Dragon Slayer
Following debut sell-out success last year, the epic scorching summer evening show Dragon Slayer returns to the Castle on select dates during August. Book your tickets here:

For weekends/overnight:

Short breaks at Warwick Castle include one night’s accommodation in the Knight’s Village; two-day entry to the Castle so you can catch your favourite shows again or see those you’ve missed on the first day; buffet breakfast served in the Knight’s Village Banquet Hall, and car parking. Prices start from £172 per night, based on a family of four sharing a Woodland Lodge. An entertaining medieval themed dinner is available in the Knight’s Village Banquet Hall for an additional £18.95 per adult or £9.95 per child. Find out more at


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